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Coin sorting machine in Madrid? 0 Financial & Legal
I have 3 years worth of change sitting at home that I would like to change. In other countries I have lived thre...
started by: James P-912099 · last update: 1474895857 · posted: 1474895857
New Discussion 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
As of the 25th September new radars will be operating at the the traffiic lights in:
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1474872775 · posted: 1474872775
Spanish Citizenship: How to Get It 1 General
We have had many enquiries since the Brexit referendum about how to get Spanish citizenship so we thought we'd p...
started by: Madge · last update: 1473671665 · posted: 1467810552
Looking for entertainers 0 Entertainment
Hi, A large group of us are coming to Madrid next April 2017, I'm looking for restaurant recommendations for a g...
started by: angeworld · last update: 1473076673 · posted: 1473076673
English speaking families in Alcobendas 1 Families & Kids
Hey there!Just looking for English speaking moms/dads/families in the Alcobendas area to get together for...
started by: maribel-muñoz-865919 · last update: 1470911301 · posted: 1470064644
How do i contact angloinfo for some ques... 1 AngloINFO Support
Ive had a bad experience with one of the real estate agents and wanted ro write a review somewhere...?
started by: Iecite · last update: 1470911064 · posted: 1469031289
Driving Schools in Madrid 1 Cars, Bikes & Driving
Hi,I'm going to take my driving exam this summer and am thinking about taking it in English. Anyone recom...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1467626874 · posted: 1467024497
Accountant 1 Financial & Legal
I have recently started a small business and the accountant I have chosen has a really hard job explaining the ins ...
started by: churros y chocolate · last update: 1465597206 · posted: 1458726884
Agility? 2 Pets & Animals
Hi everyone, we have just adopted a very intelligent 2 year old labrador and I would like to find him an agility...
started by: Espanola · last update: 1464168696 · posted: 1463389223
OCD 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Has anyone had any experience with OCD? What is the normal treatment?
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1464017158 · posted: 1464017158
Disability allowance 0 Families & Kids
Hi all,Anybody have experience of claiming disability allowance in Spain?
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1464016771 · posted: 1464016771
Standard of living compared to UK 0 General
Hi,I'm interested in hearing people's opinions on the the standard of living in Madrid compared to the UK...
started by: anabel-10066509 · last update: 1464016426 · posted: 1464016426
Maths Tutor 0 Families & Kids
Dear all, I am seeking for a Maths Tutor for my daughter in Year 5.Madrid City, during June- first half o...
started by: alfonso-garcia laiz-859640 · last update: 1463491706 · posted: 1463491706
Lebanese Food 1 Food & Drink
I've just come back from the Middle East and I'd love to find a good Lebanese place to eat here in Madrid. Any s...
started by: Sangria Lover · last update: 1463389349 · posted: 1462805436
Pilates Pregnancy 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Dear all, I am looking for a pilates class for my wife to attend. She is currently 6 months pregnant so something s...
started by: Footy fan · last update: 1462887418 · posted: 1459780764
Gel and Acrylic Nails in Madrid 1 Health, Fitness & Beauty
I am looking for a good yet affordable place to get my nails done in Madrid or surroundings.  I live in Col...
started by: Jeannie-Antoline-857788 · last update: 1462887323 · posted: 1461836887
Motorbike Racing 1 Sport & Leisure
My husband is looking for somewhere to race his new motorbike around a track with support from instructors (Engl...
started by: Sangria Lover · last update: 1462805500 · posted: 1462805500
Have you a illustrated Book Project ? 0 General
Have you a illustrated book project yo...
started by: angiep-112816 · last update: 1462608402 · posted: 1462608402
African Grey 1 Pets & Animals
We have recently taken on a 10 year old Afridan grey parrot who has had a tough life before coming to us. We wou...
started by: sangria Sue · last update: 1461833000 · posted: 1460538026
flamenco 1 Entertainment
started by: cardamomo · last update: 1461832859 · posted: 1461592581
Countryside Getaway 0 Non-local
my husband and I are looking for a nice cottage in the country to rent for a week in may. Does anyone have a rec...
started by: cardamomo · last update: 1461592698 · posted: 1461592698
English Speaking Mechanic 1 Sport & Leisure
Anyone know of a english speaking mechanic in madrid?
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1461148333 · posted: 1459422024
Plane Travel 2 Families & Kids
Hi guys, I'm travelling by plane for the first time alone with my baby son this month and I'm looking for tips on w...
started by: Footy fan · last update: 1461080089 · posted: 1459780698
English theatre 3 Entertainment
I really miss going to the theatre. Can anyone tell me where I can see plays in English here in Madrid please?
started by: Maria M · last update: 1461080041 · posted: 1459257562
Gel Nails 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hello, I am looking for a really good place to have gel nails done. Preferably one where they put each nail in t...
started by: Reina Sofia · last update: 1461079965 · posted: 1461079965
Archery Club 0 Sport & Leisure
My son is interested in taking up archery. Does anyone know where he can do this sport in Madrid please? He is 6...
started by: Churros y Chocolate · last update: 1460620000 · posted: 1460620000
Straightening 3 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Does anyone know of an English speaking hairdressers where I can have a Brazilian straightening treatment please...
started by: Bodega · last update: 1460537932 · posted: 1455301010
Good Italian 1 Food & Drink
I am looking for a really good and authentic Italian place to take my inlaws to for my father in law's birthday. An...
started by: Madridleno · last update: 1459858422 · posted: 1459434876
5-Aside 0 Sport & Leisure
I am looking for a free-access 5-aside football court in Madrid. Does anyone know of one?
started by: Franco · last update: 1459434948 · posted: 1459434948
Veggies 0 Home & Garden
I'd like to try growing some veggies in my garden for the first time. Can anyone recommend something easy to grow i...
started by: Madridleno · last update: 1459345119 · posted: 1459345119
Hiring Wheelchairs 0 Health, Fitness & Beauty
My parents are coming over and my Mum can get about as much as she used to, any one know where I can hire an ele...
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1459183926 · posted: 1459183926
Cheapest place to exchange Euro for Yen 0 Financial & Legal
I'm moving to Japan in a couple of weeks and I'd like to know what the best place in Madrid is for exchanging Euro ...
started by: GusVIII · last update: 1458795498 · posted: 1458795498
Flying Lessons 0 Sport & Leisure
my husband would love to get his private pilot licence. Does anyone know of a flight school around Madrid where he ...
started by: churros y chocolate · last update: 1458726784 · posted: 1458726784
Kids Magic Show 1 General
Where can I take my kids to see a magic show? They're 5 and 8
started by: Anonymous · last update: 1458659340 · posted: 1458497354
Relocation /move. Support service for fo... 0 AngloINFO Support
We are a support service for foreigners, expats & tourist. We have solutions for everything ...
started by: Belén-García-852920 · last update: 1458210273 · posted: 1458210273
New Site 0 General
_Good or bad, we are glad to know what you think about the new site. We're still hammering away in the background a...
started by: Christopher Neill · last update: 1457770921 · posted: 1457770921
Vegan Ice Cream 2 Food & Drink
Can anyone recommend a vegan ice cream parlour in Madrid at all?
started by: Churros y Chocolate · last update: 1456747878 · posted: 1455717917
car2go car share scheme 3 General
This looks so brilliant. The electric car share scheme in madrid. has anybody used it yet? 
started by: ziggyst · last update: 1456747855 · posted: 1456404526
Cat Sitter 5 Pets & Animals
I am looking for a realiable cat lover to take care of my cat at my appartment for a week in March. I'd ideally ...
started by: Kerry F Parks · last update: 1456415296 · posted: 1455813156
Indoor play 2 Families & Kids
Does anyone know of a soft play center I can take my daughter to this weekend?
started by: Reina Sofia · last update: 1456224979 · posted: 1455973077
Autism Specialits 4 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Does anyone know of a clinic specialising in diagnosing autism in Madrid please? It is for a friend's son. Thank...
started by: Bernabeu Fan · last update: 1455972995 · posted: 1455717751
Wooden toys 2 Families & Kids
does anyone know of a store with a really good selection of eco friendly, wooden toys for children please?
started by: Miguel1 · last update: 1455740824 · posted: 1454955638
Valentine's Idea 2 Food & Drink
We are looking for a nice restaurant to book for Valentine's day. Preferably with a bit of music. Any ideas?
started by: Soraya M · last update: 1455564632 · posted: 1455033488
Guide dog 4 Pets & Animals
in the UK we had a couple of ex guide dogs for the blind who came to live out their lives with us as pets. Does ...
started by: Churros y Chocolate · last update: 1455292278 · posted: 1454955500
Thoughts on opting out of the EU 2 General
 Anyone got any thoughts on the possible consequences of the UK opting out of the EU? especially for us exp...
started by: johninspain · last update: 1455291775 · posted: 1454769594
Good pharmacy that speaks some english 4 Health, Fitness & Beauty
Hi, I could use the name of a good pharmacy in Madrid which has employees who speek some english. Thanks,...
started by: Bill2016 · last update: 1454958351 · posted: 1454006665
Russian for Kids 2 Families & Kids
Does anyone know of any Russian for kids (age 3) classes preferably on Saturdays?
started by: Kerry F Parks · last update: 1454955414 · posted: 1454518858
Age limit 1 Families & Kids
Anyone know if there's an age limit to get into the Prado museum?
started by: jonathanseagull · last update: 1454955371 · posted: 1454701742
Mardi Gras 3 Entertainment
Is anyone in Madrid going to be celebrating Mardi Gras this month?
started by: Rach23 · last update: 1454519752 · posted: 1454256946
The UK EU Referendum: Your Vote Matters 2 General
If you think it's important to have your say in the EU referendum scheduled in the UK, you will find this intere...
started by: Admin-169317 · last update: 1454363143 · posted: 1454262778