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Land Rover help needed 0 Cars, Bikes & Driving
HelloI am in need of some help following a breakdown whilst driving through Spain 10 days agoMy trusty- to that poi
started by: AlanV · last update: 1516038450 · posted: 1516038450
Rapidlyimprove your Spanish skills with our weekend course! Every Friday or Saturdayfrom 12th/13th January! If you
started by: ailmadrid · last update: 1515169663 · posted: 1515169663
Any non-native english speaker here? 1 General
Hello, Would any non-native english speaker like to better his english? I'm on the look out for such persons. I rep
started by: IvanaEve · last update: 1512474447 · posted: 1397480995
Starting business, looking for vendor 3 General
I am planning to open a retail store in Madrid. I operate several in the US, and plan to use the same format. I am
started by: Zoemadison · last update: 1512473633 · posted: 1393599970
searching for marble/quartz/granite 2 General
Hi, we live in france and are searching for a quarry/supplier for some worktops. We can't find what we're after her
started by: sharpy-506445 · last update: 1512473628 · posted: 1393782931
Table & chair hire 1 General
I would like to hire some tables and chairs for an event that I'm helping to oragnise. We need 8 tables and 64 chai
started by: Barmyarmy · last update: 1512473625 · posted: 1399544351
Spain's Hunting Dogs 1 General
Hello All, Many people may not be aware of the terrible fate of some of Spain's hunting dogs.  They may be kil
started by: Airyfairy · last update: 1512473566 · posted: 1399753561
Delivery Madrid to Mallorca 2 General
Anyone know of a cheap delivery co. to deliver 2 pieces of furniture from Madrid to the north of Mallorca?
started by: Habla-17110 · last update: 1512473560 · posted: 1399882282
Madrid to Mallorca small item 2 General
Does anyone know best way to get a chest of drawers from Madrid to Mallorca. Cheaperst way please?
started by: Habla-17110 · last update: 1512473555 · posted: 1400240506
Auditorium Madrid 3 General
Can someone that's been explain how I get to Hotel Auditorium Madrid please (near the airport)? It appears to be on
started by: Eggy-170423 · last update: 1512473550 · posted: 1400831579
Passport Photos 6 General
Does anyone know of a photo shop in Madrid where British passport photos that comply with the Consulate's strict re
started by: hhallwat · last update: 1512473544 · posted: 1363691502
Madrid international Airport 3 General
Any good place for breakfast at the Airport terminal 4 departures? Arriving 6:30 AM flying to NICE. Is MAD a nice a
started by: apple pie-215941 · last update: 1512473538 · posted: 1402486584
Television 4 General
Where is the best place to purchase a new television. Would like to surprise my husband for the forthcoming footbal
started by: Fringe · last update: 1512473533 · posted: 1401961180
Support needed! Survey for Expatriates! 1 General
Hello Expats! Support needed!   I am a student at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and doing my M.Sc. in Human
started by: marikagrunze · last update: 1512473528 · posted: 1403264255
films 6 General
Does anyone know a good way of  watching films at home through the internet? I don't want to break the law but
started by: Partridge · last update: 1512473480 · posted: 1399972413
Living in Madrid 2 General
What's your favourite thing about live in Madrid!? Would you move anywhere else now you're here or are you here to
started by: Glyn-173053 · last update: 1512473475 · posted: 1404131621
Plaza de toros 1 General
What is the general consensus about bulfighting in Spain nowadays? Are attendances dwindling?
started by: Fringe · last update: 1512473469 · posted: 1404743427
Looking to improve my Spanish 1 General
Hi I am a 19 year old British citizen who has been living in France for the last 8 years, currently as a stude
started by: Charles-968712 · last update: 1512473465 · posted: 1405781453
Newspaper Article 3 General
I read this little article about Madrid the other day and thought I'd share it with everyone. It's not the best pie
started by: Abelinda-170419 · last update: 1512473461 · posted: 1406537777
Ipad screen broken 2 General
Anywhere know where I can get a new quality screen fitted for my ipad in Madrid. Not a dodgy place, somewhere that
started by: Habla-17110 · last update: 1512473456 · posted: 1407149660