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What's the best place to look for these and similar items for cars?

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HelloI am in need of some help following a breakdown whilst driving through Spain 10 days agoMy trusty- to that point- old 300tdi Discovery let go whilst towing our caravan on the N630; we were on the way back home to SW FranceOur insurance covered breakdown assistance and they were fantastic; we were back home in a hire car within two days- dogs and all!The caravan is at a yard at a place called Canaveral; that's ok- I hopeThe vehicle was taken to a garage in Plasencia- we were there briefly to empty the car the following day and it seemed an ok establishmentBut I couldn't communicate well with them, and at that point they hadn't examined the vehicleA week later after having found the problem, they are prescribing a replacement cylinder headTheir costs for the labour, oil and sundries seems quite acceptable at around 500 euros- all ok so farHowever they are charging over four times the going rate for supplying the new cylinder head and gaskets; 1700 euros for items I could get for 400So not only are they profiting from our misfortune- nothing new there; but they are imposing a repair cost which is twice the value of the vehicleThis would make it an economic impossibility to consider; 2200 euros to repair a vehicle worth half thatI have offered to supply the parts and accept them doing the work with no guarantee- but no joy supposedlyAll this through the intermediaries of my breakdown assistance, as I have no SpanishSo effectively they will be forcing me to give up the vehicle to them; probably make one of their mechanics a nice off-roader!Supposedly no other garage in the area would do the work- which with the parts and for a decent mechanic is only a days labourSo my question is- does anyone know of a decent, honest mechanic nearby who could help me outIt's an old car, but if can get her back for sensible money I would like toGreatly appreciate any assistanceThanks a lotAlan

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As of the 25th September new radars will be operating at the the traffiic lights in:- Calle Alberto Aguilera con calle Galileo- Joaquín Costa con Velázquez- Acceso a Plaza Fernández Ladreda desde Vía Lusitana- Monforte de Lemos con Finisterre- Avenida de América con Cartagena- Camino del Barrial con Fernando Lázaro Carreter- Carretera de Carabanchel a Aravaca-Villaviciosa- Avenida de la Peseta con Carretera del Barrio de la Fortuna- General Ricardos con el Paseo del 15 de Mayo.

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Hi,I'm going to take my driving exam this summer and am thinking about taking it in English. Anyone recommend any good driving schools where they speak English?Thanks

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Hiring a car nowadays, do you need both parts of the UK licence?

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I'm referring specifically to the toll on the R3 but maybe it's the same for all the roads. My question is, how to I get to use the fast lane through the toll gate that seems to open up automatically. Where do I pay in advance, how do they know I've paid and is there a discount? Thanks.

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If you tarde in your old car and buy a new one do you get money off?

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What companies lease cars in Spain?

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What are the best websites for selling and buying second hand cars in Madrid? I'm very wary having bought a lemon in the past and just want one that works, ideally with a service history.

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Where is the best place in Madrid to get a tow bar fitted legally including all the paperwork to prove it was carried out correctly?

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Is there a Lexus dealership in Madrid? If so, whereabouts?

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Hi, Does anyone know of any car hire companies in Madrid (close to the airport would be handy) that will hire without a credit or debit card being presented?  Also, does anybody know of any restrictions on driving from Madrid to Faro, Portugal in a hire car? The car would be returned to the same pick up point. Thanks MJ

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Hi Can anyone recommend a good car leasing company in the San Sebastian Area of Madrid, i am looking to lease a small sized vehicle at a reasonable price,,,for roughly 3-6months roughly.. anyone had good experiences with this   many thanks Cheryl

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Hi All,  I am a new user of this site and also new to Madrid. Currently I am renting a car but would like to buy one as soon as possible as I am told that the prices are going to be very high in August.  I have been told that it can be a difficult process, especially if you dont speak Spanish and the guide on this site certainly makes it sound like a tricky business.  Does anyone have any advice that may help? What is the gestor service, would that be a good idea for me (considering I dont speak Spanish well yet).  Any help is very much appreciated.  Thanks, James.   

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I need a new engine for my fiesta, where would I go to get such a thing?

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Is there a Hailotype service in Madrid...?

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I'm doing a 5,000 mile challenge for MS with my 3 year old which involves driving down through Spain (amongst other Countries!) My route takes me down past Bordeaux before I head down to Cortelazor (Huelva). I am looking for tips as I will be coming down through Salamanca, can anyone recommend places to stay as well as give me an idea of what the road is like? I am on a tight timeline and hoping to take two days to do this leg, I think it's around an 11 hour drive all up.  As I am travelling with a young child I need to be prepared and let my sponsors know where I will be and obviously if there are any remote strectches of road it's even more important! Any information at all is appreciated, I am doing the challenge in September in an old Peugeot that has already done 1 million KM travelling over from Australia !  Look forward to hearing from anyone with advice or who can help out with accommodation. CAn let you know my website and Facebook page if you want to verify that the challenge is genuine. Thanks  Emma  

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Is the petrol station at Madrid airport open for 24 hour service, as i have to return a hire car to there with a full tank.

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The car has finally died on me, i need of a mechanic I can trust.

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I may be a little nervous to drive in Madrid I want to know what is the public transport, is it good?

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