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I really miss going to the theatre. Can anyone tell me where I can see plays in English here in Madrid please?

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Hi, A large group of us are coming to Madrid next April 2017, I'm looking for restaurant recommendations for a group of 20,

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i have friends visiting and its their first time in madrid. Theyd like to take in a flamenco show that 's authentic and not a rip off. Any suggestions?

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Is anyone in Madrid going to be celebrating Mardi Gras this month?

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Those local thespians The Madrid Players, are holding auditions for their upcoming show "Hooray for Hollywood" If you'd like to get involved call Liz on 659 583 946

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Not sure if this has been asked before because it was reading on a forum that got the idea in my head but... Do they have any living nativity scenes in Madrid over the Christmas period? And if that's coupled with a Medieval market and some roasted chestnuts in a paper cone that would be marvellous!

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Does anyone know th most likely cinema to be showing the new Star Wars film in both English and 3D?

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Hey hey hey!! Are there regular open mic nights for a guy who likes to write humerous songs? Which are the most popular as I'd love to perform in front of a large audience.

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Is there a K bar in Madrid?

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Hello. I'm looking to speak to people who have made the decision to leave the UK and move abroad for a potential documentary. At the moment it is just in the research phase so I'm just looking to talk to some people and find out more about the reasons they might move. Thanks and all the best, Ellie Gibbs ellie.gibbs@libertybell.tv 020 7598 7209

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Where can I see regular zarzuela performances please? Anyone know of a central venue?

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Hey, Can someone tell me if there's a pass available tha allows you miltiple access to Madrid's museums please?

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Has anyone seen Birdman? I'd never even heard of it before it won an Oscar. I suppose it's pretty good, is it?

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This was here a few years ago and wonder if there's any plans for a return. Anyone know?

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Has anyone seen this Brad Pitt film? I would like to know if there's lots of blood and gore in it as the friend that I want to take doesn't like it very much.

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Can you get a guided tour around Madrid's most famous spooky spots?

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Anyone seen this film? I would love to see it so if anyone know where I could go to see it that would be great. Thankssssss :-)

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Where are people heading for this year's New Year celebrations?

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