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I am organising a kids birthday party, where do i get papper plates, streamers, hats etc

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Hola, somos un matrimonio a cargo de una escuela Infantil en Alcalá de Henares, visite nuestra web. Ofrecemos distintas alternativas a los más pequeños, como clases con diferentes horarios y separados por edades.

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Hi, I am thinking about moving to Madrid as part of a teacher assistant program. I am wondering if anyone knows what childcare is like, my child will be 4 in july and wouldn't be moving until october if I am approved. Just trying to get a feel for what it will be like. She does not speak Spanish but I am intermediate. Thanks everyone!

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Hi... does anyone know of anywhere offering Street / Jazz / Hip-Hop style dance classes for young children? My son (3) is itching to dance but we can't find anything other than 'parent and toddler' type sessions. Ideally towards Pozuelo / Majhadahonda, but the city would be fine also. Thanks!!

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Hey there!Just looking for English speaking moms/dads/families in the Alcobendas area to get together for a chat and for our kids to have more of an English speaking social environment in Spain. I have a 4 year old boy and 5 month old baby boy and I miss speaking in English with people!! We only speak English at home and my eldest son, even though he is bilingual, once told me he "wished he had some English speaking friend to play with" I lived in the U.S. for 7 years and Dublin, Ireland, for almost 5.  I live in Alcobendas, in the newer area. Anyone around?? Give me a shout please!Talk soon!Maribel

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Hi all,Anybody have experience of claiming disability allowance in Spain?

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Dear all, I am seeking for a Maths Tutor for my daughter in Year 5.Madrid City, during June- first half of July 2016.Thank youAlfonso

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Hi guys, I'm travelling by plane for the first time alone with my baby son this month and I'm looking for tips on ways to keep him busy. It's just a Madrid-London flight but it's still a big deal to a rooky dad! Thanks in advance.

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Does anyone know of a soft play center I can take my daughter to this weekend?

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does anyone know of a store with a really good selection of eco friendly, wooden toys for children please?

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Does anyone know of any Russian for kids (age 3) classes preferably on Saturdays?

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Anyone know if there's an age limit to get into the Prado museum?

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Can anyone recommend a bilingual Montessori nusery in central Madrid please?

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Hi,  I am relocating to Madrid in march and will be giving birth in June. Could anyone tell me what is the cost of a Doula and natural child birth and which medical plan is the best for these costs. Many thanks !

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Hello, My name is Almudena and I live with my son, he is 7 years old, in C/ Dr. Esquerdo. Metro S. de Baranda. I would like to find a Babysitter English/Spanish who care my son, for two days a week in the afternoon, since 17 to 20,30 hs.  If you are interested do not hesitate to contact me. 91772 66 07 and 687241791. Thanks,

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Hi there, My pregnant wife (Bev) and I live near Parque Berlin in Hispanoamérica. We were wondering if there were any other couples in the same situation (pregant or new babies) who live in the area? Thanks, Chris

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Hi everyone I'm due to give birth in early December and plan on travelling back to the UK for Christmas.  Do I need to get my baby a passport in order to travel or will the Spanish Birth Certificate be sufficient?  Thank you  Bev

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Hi everyone I was just wondering if anyone knows of any pregnancy groups which I can join for English speakers in Madrid? I'm 22 weeks pregnant and would love to connect with some other mums to be, I'm a first time mum.  I live in Hispanoamerica (near Charmartin) but don't  mind travelling a bit. Thank you very much Beverley Worsley

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Hi, Has anyone found en English bookstore specialised or with a wide range of kids books?   Thanka

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The Spanish Language School Costa Rica was developed as a step to propagate the rich culture and language that is Spanish for kids and families and it has currently become places which helps you acquire a second language through ways which are fun, exciting and help you grasp and understand better the language.

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