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I have recently started a small business and the accountant I have chosen has a really hard job explaining the ins and outs of Spanish admin to me because of my terrible Spanish. Can anyone recommend an English speaking accountant I could use instead?

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I have 3 years worth of change sitting at home that I would like to change. In other countries I have lived thre have been places you could go and dump all your coins in a machine and get the value in notes or a voucher etc. Do these machines exist in Spain? I found 2 coinstar location on google maps but i visited them both this morning and there was nothing so I can only assume they closed a long time ago, 

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I'm moving to Japan in a couple of weeks and I'd like to know what the best place in Madrid is for exchanging Euro for Yen. Does anyone know any good places? 

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Hey folks,Does anyone on here either have, or know of, somewhere in Spain where I can specifically insure my camera equipment? I have some pretty expensive gear (body and lenses), and it seems like I'm asking for trouble if I don't have some kind of insurance. There are a lot of companies in the UK that offer this, but most of them specify that you have to be a resident in the UK. I do still have a residential address in the UK, but I am living and working in Madrid, so I don't want them to have any reason to not pay out if it comes to that. We are living in a rented flat, so I am not too sure what our home insurance status is, but I would rather try to insure the camera gear specifically if I can. Does anyone know of anyone who could do this ... preferably in English!!Cheers! 

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Can we vote if there's another election?

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Hi all,Has anyone renewed their passort this year (2015)? I have seen a few other posts about passport renewals, but I believe the rules changed recently, and there is no longer a way to get this done directly in Madrid?Basically, it's too close to Christmas for me to risk sending my existing passport back to the UK for renewal. They couldn't 100% confirm that I'd get it back in time, and without that I have no way to travel back to the UK for Christmas ... so it's not worth the risk.However, I have just been told that I have to travel over to California in early 2016 (January probably) for work. My passport expires in June 2016, so I won't have the 6 months left that I need to travel to the US. I need to try and get my passport renewed as soon as I can as I will also need the new passport number for Visa applications etc. Is there no longer a way to go to the British Embassy/Consulate and get a fast-track passport renewal? I read that all passports now get sent back to the UK regardless. The only other option I can see is to do the fast-track service whilst I am in England at Christmas, but then I have to go to a specific passport office which isn't convenient at all for me .. especially when I have little enough time to spend with my family.If anyone has any experience/advice/ideas, it would be much appreciated,Thanks, Ori 

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What's the rate of inheritance tax in Madrid? Do spouses have to pay it if a house isn't in their name?

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Hi everyone, Does anyone know of a bank or institution doing 80% mortgages for non-residents? thanks

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Is there a away of extending a tourist visa when it's near expiry for US citizens in Spain please?

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Medical insurance company recommendation please. Who do you use or are you happy with the public health service in Spain?

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Can anyone recommend an English speaking professional who can advise me whether or not I need to invest in a 'convenio especial'? I have qualifying years in both Spain and the UK and can't get a clear answer from anyone about how this will work  when I reach retirement age. At the moment I'm unemployed. I don't know if I need a 'gestor', a lawyer or what!!

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What company do you use for transferring sterling or dollars into Euros please?

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Hi there, I'm seeking some advice regarding my rental agreement. I informed my landlord that I will be vacating the apartment on the 19th of December more than two months ago (my contract stipulates that one month is required). She informed me today that I must pay the entire monthly rate because 'its' not a hotel and you cannot pay for nights'. However the rental agreement does not state that the room must be rented for 30 day periods. ALSO I moved into the property on the 30th of August and she had me pay for the last two nights of August pro-rata. Has she not established that there is in fact a pro-rate rate? I feel as though I am being taken advantage of because of my status as a foreigner. Thanks for the help

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How much money can you move from Spain abroad? Is there a cap?

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Does anyone know of a bank that will give you an AMEX card? It's mainly Mastercard & Visa from what I can see.

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Is it allowed in Spain? Can I have an air pistol / air rifle in my home?

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Can anyone recommend a Spanish bank with a good online services? For instance is there a bank that offers live chat customer service?

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Hi, I have evidence of an English run Spanish financial management company in Spain who have committed fraud with reagrds to my UK pensions. At this point I do not want to name them but I do need legal advice on how to move forward with this to stop this company. Thanks

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I am starting a business in Madrid in the near future, and would appreciate any referrals for a good business lawyer/accountant.

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Is there a list somewhere that shows which companies on the IBEX are paying dividends to their shareholders and how much they pay? Thanks

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