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Where's the best Roscon de Reyes in Madrid? I know it's a bit late but hoping to hoover up the leftovers...! :-)

started by: beech-172161 · last update: 1585643221 · posted: 1421405154

Has anyone done the paleo diet and did it work for you?

started by: Fringe · last update: 1585205315 · posted: 1404828551

Looking in the supermarkets at the pre-packaged meat hardly any of it is just protein and fat. lots of it contains carbohydrate! Surely this isn't right? Where do you shop for your jamon york etc and is it full of carbs!?

started by: danold-176313 · last update: 1585205146 · posted: 1360693339

I was reading about the horse meat scare in the UK and starting to think is that something we should worry about here in Madrid?

started by: arantxa-176059 · last update: 1585205099 · posted: 1381735274

Hi, I offer spanish cooking classes, visit to local market, cooking the meal of your preference and afterwards eating it! More info in http://www.eatwith.com/es/#!/offering/3300

started by: onions-175624 · last update: 1585205038 · posted: 1359480613

Desperate to get hold of some custard creams, craving badly for them, help!

started by: Fringe · last update: 1585053543 · posted: 1434456457

Where is the best (obviously a matter of opinion) seafood restaurant in the Madrid region?

started by: Soraya M · last update: 1585053450 · posted: 1455033488

We are looking for a nice restaurant to book for Valentine's day. Preferably with a bit of music. Any ideas?

started by: Churros y Chocolate · last update: 1585053279 · posted: 1455717917

Can anyone recommend a vegan ice cream parlour in Madrid at all?

started by: Donal-O´Leary-891683 · last update: 1490955976 · posted: 1490955976

Please order online at baconbythebox and receive your Fresh meats delivered to your home. Quality and Service guaranteed. Just two days before the order deadline!

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Hello everybody,I believe I am not the only missing Bramley cooking apples here in Spain, (yes, there is Reinetta and othe local cooking varities, however we all know that they are not nearly as good as Bramleys).After couple of years of bringing them in limited quanitites in personal luggage on return flights from UK, I've finally decided to give a parcel delivery a try. I am going to do a test batch of 3-4 kilos parcel delivered from UK to Madrid sometime soon.In case of a succesfull and smooth delivery, would someone be interested in collaborating and chipping in later on for a bigger parcel (say 10-15 kilos)? Apples to be bought in Tesco and or Sainsburys, final cost split accordingly with all receipts etc.In case of an indication of at least some demand we can arrange something on a regular basis, say trimestral e.t.c.Please share your thoughts.

started by: Sangria Lover · last update: 1463389349 · posted: 1462805436

I've just come back from the Middle East and I'd love to find a good Lebanese place to eat here in Madrid. Any suggestions please?

started by: Madridleno · last update: 1459858422 · posted: 1459434876

I am looking for a really good and authentic Italian place to take my inlaws to for my father in law's birthday. Any ideas please?

started by: mymuddyboots · last update: 1454076215 · posted: 1453986281

Which is the best place to get a curry? I've tried the ones in Lavapies, but looking for something a bit posher

started by: Orias · last update: 1441292791 · posted: 1440688613

Hi all,Thought I would share this on here for anyone that doesn't already know. There is a shop called "DEALZ" in Madrid (and maybe elswhere) that is the same company as Poundland in the UK. I know of at least 2 stores in Madrid, one a short walk from Goya metro, and one near Tetuan/Bernabeu Stadium area ... Google will give you the exact locations.Everything in the store is €1.50, and the majority of the food items are English. I went in there the other day and, amongst many other things, found: Salad Cream, Wagon Wheels, McCoys Crisps, Hula Hoops, Iron Bru, Ribena, Dr. Pepper, Double Deckers, Baked Beans with Pork Sausages & lots more. All for $1.50 (in the case of drinks and beans, it's usually 2 for $1.50).Well worth a visit if you're missing some of the U.K. specific food :)Cheers, Ori 

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Okay, bit of a boring question but has anyone actually found a good breakfast fry-up centrally?

started by: D&R-170420 · last update: 1427889638 · posted: 1427101769

What's the best Indian restaurnat around Plaza Mayor? I'm talking nice thick peshwari naan and curry without a sea of ghee on top of it.

started by: D&R-170420 · last update: 1421225634 · posted: 1419963493

Is there such a thing in Madrid as the Pudding Club? I want somewhere that I can go and sample lots of different Spanish desserts.

started by: Fringe · last update: 1419963695 · posted: 1399457915

Is there a restaurant in Madrid that does Costa Rican food? Although not widely recognised, I've heard that it's delicious.

started by: bumpty · last update: 1407494284 · posted: 1407420311

Are there any culinary / cooking courses in Madrid? Perhaps a day course or weekend residential would be good.

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