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Has anyone done the paleo diet and did it work for you?

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Fringe 1421746371

This and crossfit seem to be the new trend in weight loss and fitness, I understand the logic behind this diet and certainly can't see why it wouldn't  work as you get all the nutirents and vitamins.

This page might be interesting to you over the next month:

Anthony-172983 1421924326

What's crossfit?

There's quite a few paleo recipes on the internet so it's well supported with a active community. In my opinion there's nothing wrong in eating naturally.

beech-172161 1422376902

Crossfit is a kind of competitive high intensity excercise where you do pull ups, weightlifting, gymnastics and lots of other energetic things. I looked into that and my body is too knackered to make it work.

SarahG-163490 1422870429

So has anyone done this diet and does it work?

Dimaria 1423135770

Not tried it (but then I don't need to, fortunately) but I would say if you try a gluten-free diet you'll feel much better.

Eggy-170423 1423477132

To be fair, some of the recipes look delicious!

Ernest-Stephens-958239 1585643220

Haven't tried it ye but I will defenitely try it out. slitherio download I just hope I will like it haha.

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