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For those people who dont know or have forgotten. I thought this might be useful.As a UK citizen living in France, you still have the right to vote in UK elections if you have been here for up to 15 years.For more details https://www.gov.uk/register-to-voteYou have up to the 26/11/2019 to register and then up to the 4th of Dec to nominate a proxy.Whatever your politics, dont waste your vote, its important we all have  our say!!

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I would like to hire some tables and chairs for an event that I'm helping to oragnise. We need 8 tables and 64 chairs. Chairs need to be white and classy. Anyone know of a company?

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Hi, we live in france and are searching for a quarry/supplier for some worktops. We can't find what we're after here, and wondered if anyone knows of where we could look or who we could ask.  Many thanks Dave.

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I am planning to open a retail store in Madrid. I operate several in the US, and plan to use the same format. I am having difficulty locating a vendor based either in Spain or the EU for store fixtures.  If I use my current fixture vendor, the cost of shipping will be prohibitive. Does anyone know of a vendor for basic gondola type fixtures either locally or within th EU?

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Explore la clásica, moderna y duradera gama de chaqueta biker mujer para diferentes tipos de equitación, como ciclista de crucero, ciclismo deportivo, moda de calle y una chaqueta informal en cuero 100% genuino de piel de vaca y búfalo con la opción de estilo vintage, retro , acabados naturales.

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Hello, Would any non-native english speaker like to better his english? I'm on the look out for such persons. I represent an english language school in Leeds, UK. There are varied courses such as business english, legal english and the general english course. Spring and Summer brochures and discount available. If anyone is interested in an english course with free accommodation plus exciting activities such as volunteer work, excursions, please do contact. Thanks.

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Rapidlyimprove your Spanish skills with our weekend course! Every Friday or Saturdayfrom 12th/13th January! If you want to know more about the course do nothesitate to write us at weekend@ailmadrid.com- for more information visit https://www.ailmadrid.com/spanish-courses/en/part-time-courses/weekend-spanish-classes/198 --- ¡Mejora rápidamente tus habilidades con el español connuestro curso de fin de semana! ¡Todos los viernes y sábados a partir del 12/13de enero! Puedes conseguir un 10% de descuento si te inscribes antes del 6 deenero. Si quieres saber más sobre el curso no dudes en escribirnos a weekend@ailmadrid.com .

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A friend wants to organise a wedding in Spain - what are the legalities involved?

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Hello All, Many people may not be aware of the terrible fate of some of Spain's hunting dogs.  They may be killed heartlessly at the end of the hunting season, sometimes by the slow and agonising method of 'piano-playing' - the dog is hanged by the neck but can just reach the ground.  The piano-playing refers to the click of its toes on the ground as it desperately scrabbles around until it tires and succumbs.  This can take a long time.  Other dogs are insufficiently fed, kennelled and exercised. A Spaniard has started a petition to present to the Spanish government to bring about some long overdue legislation to protect these animals.  Please sign the petition and pass it on to all your friends, Spanish and English, so that the total of 500,000 required signatures can be reached (see link below, you may need to copy and paste into your browser). http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/293/313/901/ Thank you so much.

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Anyone know of a cheap delivery co. to deliver 2 pieces of furniture from Madrid to the north of Mallorca?

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Does anyone know best way to get a chest of drawers from Madrid to Mallorca. Cheaperst way please?

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Can someone that's been explain how I get to Hotel Auditorium Madrid please (near the airport)? It appears to be on the east-bound carriage way but I can't see a slip road or anything. I'm meeting a client there at the weekend and don't want to be late so would really appreciate the help.

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Does anyone know of a photo shop in Madrid where British passport photos that comply with the Consulate's strict requirements can be obtained.  I had some taken but the image seems to be too close to the camera. HELP!!

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Any good place for breakfast at the Airport terminal 4 departures? Arriving 6:30 AM flying to NICE. Is MAD a nice airport? Easy enough to get through if you don't speak Spanish??  

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Where is the best place to purchase a new television. Would like to surprise my husband for the forthcoming football.  

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Hello Expats! Support needed!   I am a student at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and doing my M.Sc. in Human Resources Management. For my Master thesis I need as many expatriates as possible who answer my survey https://www.soscisurvey.de/surveyexpatriates/ and it would be great if you could support me!   Title: Factors affecting the Adjustment of Expatriates in Spain Purpose: help companies to improve the experience of expatriation in Spain and to support the expatriates appropriately while doing an international assignment Important to know: the answers will remain completely anonymous; the survey should only take about 15 minutes of your time Requirements Expatriates: who were send by the headquarter to Spain and are currently working here or used to work in Spain The survey will be online until the 14th July 2014. Thank you very much and have a very nice day! Marika Grunze

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Does anyone know a good way of  watching films at home through the internet? I don't want to break the law but I want to watch Blade Runner with Rutger Hauer - lovely stuff!

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What's your favourite thing about live in Madrid!? Would you move anywhere else now you're here or are you here to stay?

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What is the general consensus about bulfighting in Spain nowadays? Are attendances dwindling?

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