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Can someone that's been explain how I get to Hotel Auditorium Madrid please (near the airport)? It appears to be on the east-bound carriage way but I can't see a slip road or anything. I'm meeting a client there at the weekend and don't want to be late so would really appreciate the help.


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You gotta take the via de servicio road after coming down the ramp from the M-14 which goes to the commercial centre. When down the access road just keep going, it's quite a long way along. Don't merge into the A-2 or you'll have a long detour. Instead follow the road until it itself merges with one on the right.

Or if you're eastbound on the A-2 it's exit 11 for the above slip road (actually you're on the road that merges from the right mentioned above).

If you're coming from the east on the A-2 you've got to be heading west so I take the slip road signposting Aeropuerto Alameda de Osuna and then follow it parallel to the main road. Then I take the M-14 south away from the airport (left fork in the road) under some bridges. Follow the signs to A-2 Zaragoza (hopping on then hopping straight off the M-21). That puts you back on the M-14 where you can take the next exit and continue to head towards Zaragoza direction of the A-2 (right hand lane). At this point see paragraph!

Complicated first time, but leave enough time and you'll be fine.


Difficult to explain but

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Thanks for the detailed description man. I got there in the end via a satnav and glad it knew where it was going becuase I had no clue!

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