car2go car share scheme

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This looks so brilliant. The electric car share scheme in madrid. has anybody used it yet?

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Reina Sofia 1456415233

No I haven't but I am very interested because I don't have a car of my own so it would be perfect! Do you know if it is complicated to use?

ziggyst 1456691214

A freind of mine uses it and she swears by it. A journey that costs her 12 euros in taxi works out at about 5 euros in car2go.

The problem I have, and it's the same with biciMAD, is that I live outside of the M30 so it's not practical for me. Really hope they extend the service to outside of the M30

Reina Sofia 1456747855

Ok thanks for the info!!

santiago-luciana-916437 1512470327


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