Cleaning a computer screen

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I know this is blonde...but how? What products are safe to use, or it it just the old damp soft cloth thing?

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JackB-175432 1292851033

You can buy special cleaning material from the computer shop or some supermarket which comes with a special cloth. I just use a soft damp cloth much cheaper and works well.

wilberforce-173652 1293036335

Would furniture polish and a duster be ok ?

bocca-174891 1293363188

No Wilberforce be very careful. One of my xmas pressies was a little computer cleaning kit, very useful indeed merry Xmas

Eggy-170423 1442233903

One damp paper towel and then one dry paper towel. Get a can of compresed air to blow the bits out of the keyboard too!

bumpty 1442400823

Is it a monitor or a laptop? You could always de-glass it if it's a monitor - makes it look muuuuch nicer as it removes the glare and reflections. :-)


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