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Hi Everyone Has anyone been to the Costco in Madrid who can tell me if the stuff inside is similar to the Costcos in UK?   For example do they do the huge packs of  kitchen rolls do they do bacon.  The costcos in the UK have the same format as the costco in USA, just wondering how much of the concept is available in Spain or do they have to conform to more Spanish goods. Hope you can help.

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I'm not actually sure that it's open just yet.

My experience of wholesalers in Spain is that they're not as cheap as you expect them to be. However, this does look to be something a bit more special that what I've experienced before so I'll reserve judgement.

I'll try and get down there in the next month and find out if it's open and answer some of your product questions.

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Thanks Eggy

my undestanding is that it is now open.  Would be grateful for any info should you manage to get in there.  In particular I am hoping for  catering packs of bacon,  kirkland catering tin foil lge rolls of and

boxes of ziplok freezer bags (usually get packs of 4 boxes)



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