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Does anyone know a good way of  watching films at home through the internet? I don't want to break the law but I want to watch Blade Runner with Rutger Hauer - lovely stuff!


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Hi Partridge

Well for films like that there's Netfix. You may have to run it using a UK / US proxy server though as it's not available in Spain.

Costs 5 or 6 GBP a month.

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There's films on Youtube. I recently wanted to watch Into The White and tried everything including downloading it. In the end a simply websearch brought it up on Youtube! Probably gone now though :-(



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Download XBMC then install the Mashup / Icefilms / 1Channel plugins.

You're welcome!

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Woah ("that's English for stop a horse") hang on a minute. So you're saying with this program I can watch Bladerunner? Is there a charge? Do I watch it on my iPad?

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I am saying that, yes. No charge, the program is free as are the add-ons. Installing the add-ons from a repositry is a bit of a fiddle so just follow a Youtube tutorial for XBMC and Mash Up.

XBMC is multi-platform, so yes, you can install it on your iPad (or PC, or Android tab / phone, or linux machine etc).

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