Getting married in Spain

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A friend wants to organise a wedding in Spain - what are the legalities involved?


Lorraine-175344 1291968509

Great place to get married ! All the info is on these pages

dannyw-173721 1292252807

I Lemon , I used this info and it all helped immensely !

thomas-wandas-936083 1555054567

It's not hard at all to get married in spain (if you're european or catholic) .if you're going to organize a wedding in spain, I recomend you Costa del Sol as a wedding destination. I think it will be easier for tourist.


john-MEGAN-941417 1563434399

Nice place for marriage my cousin get married in Spain it was an amazing experience. If any of the students are stuck in his BTEC course can definitely ask for online BTEC assignment services.

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