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My laptop took a fall recently. Everything seems to be working fine, but now it makes loud buzzing and clicking noises from time to time. I'm afraid it might be the hard drive. I want to take it in for repairs before something goes wrong. Can I please have some recomendations for computer repair shops? Preferably ones that fairly priced. English speakers would also be a plus. Please help.

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Hi Gus.

That definitely sounds like the mechanical harddrive is on its way out.

If this was me: I suggest that you back everything up as soon as you can. Make sure you've got the Windows (if that's your OS) registration key - if you upgraded to Win 10 it will now be different to the original  Win 7 / 8.1 so make sure you write down the new one. You might need to download a piece of software to find out what it is.

Then I would download an installable copy of the OS to a pendrive (if I didn't have the original installaton disks or have upgrade to Win 10), buy an SSD (not a mechanical drive) pop it in the laptop instead of the old dying drive and install a fresh copy of the OS onto that with the pendrive.

You'll never have the ticking. buzzing and ultimate failure of a mechanical harddrive ever again.

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Just so everyone knows, I've already made backups. What I'm asking is if anyone knows any good computer repair shops.

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Try these guys dude. They're a couple blocks north of Serrano.

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Could they put a new harddrive in my Macbook?

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Did you find a repair shop? If so would you recommend them?

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