Madrid international Airport

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Any good place for breakfast at the Airport terminal 4 departures? Arriving 6:30 AM flying to NICE. Is MAD a nice airport? Easy enough to get through if you don't speak Spanish??  


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I'm just looking for any helpful information for a nervous traveler (not myself) passing through Madrid.

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I've only been to terminal 4 once and was in a bit of a rush so didn't take much in. To be honest I can't remember what was there in the way of restaurants / kiosks but nothing immediately springs to mind. There was work going on behind some screens so maybe there was some rest / food areas being worked on there.

I'd be VERY surprised if there isn't anywhere to have a coffee and a cake.

It's worth noting that once you've checked in at T4 and if you're leaving from T4S you've got to take a little undeground train to the departures zone. Takes about 20 minutes to get there and there's quite a lot of walking too.

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