Moving to and living in Spain

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My wife and I moved 4 years ago to France permanently from Canada.  We are Canadian but my wife was born in the UK, as a consequence she has a UK and a Canadian Passport.  It was on the strength of her UK Passport that we were able to move to France.  My wife moved from England when she was 7 years old.  The challenges in France have been residency for me (I now have a 5 year Carte Sejour), health care (we are now in the Assurance Maladie system), inheritance taxes (we have no money but the thought of having to divide property amongst children of my previous marriage has us concerned).  How are things different in Spain.  Has anyone moved to Spain to avoid French bureaucracy and antiquated laws.

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Hi,I lived in France for about 25 years, have lived in Spain for five years and would return to my old home, or even no home, in France, without hestitation, if it were possible. Bureaucracy in Spain is a thousand times slower, more obtuse and unhelpful, than in France, laws are even more antiquated and anyway the legal system is so slow and so corrupt that you'll be dead before you get anywhere.. The inheritance laws are very similar, but anyway there should be an EC ruling enforced on August 17th 2015, to allow individuals to leave theirestatesaccording to the law of their native land, rather than where they reside, but honestly, after five years, I have no faith in anything improving. Financailly, it's terrifying how much tax one pays on the smallest income, how unreliable things and people are,the healthcare is backward compared with France.. ..oh, I could go on for pages, but I'll just say:  DON'T! You've done the hardest part of settling in France and it's still oneof the best places to live, so hang on there and count your blessings or, if you want to leave, don't come to Spain.I love Spain - it's much more fun than France and the people are,onthe whole, much better-looking and smile more, the land and light andwonderful, but I'd never have come back here that last time if I'd known. (The timesbefore I stayed a few months or weeks and escaped unharmed, still in love with Spain but rather relieved, as well.) Only comehere if you're very rich and certain to stay rich - then it might be O.K.

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