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Does anyone know of a photo shop in Madrid where British passport photos that comply with the Consulate's strict requirements can be obtained.  I had some taken but the image seems to be too close to the camera. HELP!!

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kathy-173716 1363767638

Go into a camera shop, most of them do it as an extra.

hhallwat 1363770017

Thanks Kathy,

I have already had 3 tries in photo shops including el Corte Inglés but the photos are either too close to the camera, too big or just not me. Does anyone know what is meant when they say in the instructions that photos must not be cut?

bobbie-961529 1401318730

I have the same question does anyone know where to get uk passport photos done in madrid.

Barmyarmy 1401786060

The problem is also the size as well. It's got to be 35mm by 45 mm so the Fotomatón machines don't do the job.

Try and find a studio near to you or perhaps try at the actual embassy.

hhallwat 1401907721

I finally ended up having the photos taken at a small photo shop on Príncipe de Vergara/General Oraá, insisting that they be the right size with a grey background.  They did it very well and they were accepted by the Embassy.

Good Luck!

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