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Hi good people. I would like to meet some nice people who are foreigners for them to tell about their experience in Madrid. I am very new here, I come from Tanzania! I was wondering if there  are any East AAfricans in Madrid. Thanks Hawa

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I am sure there are East Africans here though I don't know any,but I am a Londoner teaching English and have been here many years.And am always hoping to make new friends.

My name is Malcolm.Email me



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have you disappeared? I didn't hear any news from you.It would be nice to meet

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why put an advert if you are too rude or lazy to reply to replies

hawa kipilili 1380190773

Hi there..

Not the matter of being rude, I have personal issues which are difficult to handle at the moment.

I think for your side, you need to be patient and understand life is not aways smooth and allow u to do things. I would come back to you ofcourse but it was untill I recover.

Understand I am a human being and I did not do this on purpose not to get back to u.








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Oh don't worry about me being patient-I am infinitely patient but you could have sent a quick or brief message just to say you might not be accessible for some time. So I do hope that everything is alright with you

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Hi there!

I am a foreigner here and it has taken me awhile to meet people. But I would say if you are looking to find other Africans here, they are definitely around. Try living around the Lavapies neighborhood. There is a rich African community there, from many regions. 

Wishing you all the best of luck in your journey. If you need anything while you are here, please don't hesitate to contact me!!

hawa kipilili 1380546133

Hi Mary

Thanks so much. I have been around Lavapies , uuuh! Its incredible! Most of them come from West, whereby they speak Frech.. No English! hahaaa!

Where are you from and waht do you do in Madrid?



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I also love Lavapies! I am from the United States in Minnesota.  I married a Spanish man, am expecting our first child in February, and I am teaching English in the city.

Best of luck to you!


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