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Hello fellow expats. I'm looking for recommendations for a day camp for my 10 year old daughter. I prefer something in the city and one in English if at all possible. Does anyone have any suggestions?    

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Domasa 1369042083

Funny you should ask as I logged on this morning to put the same question to this forum! I'm looking for an English speaking summer camp for my two children aged 4 and 8. I have seen lots of camps dotted around the town that say they are in English but I want know if there is a camp that native English speaking children go to? My kids are fully bilingual but my younger child is still more comfortable in English than in Spanish. Plus I want as much English input as possible anyway so that they are ready for their summer hols with British grandparents in August!

Like you I also look for a city-based camp as both my husband and I work in Madrid.

All suggestions welcome!


arantxa-176059 1369047333

Hi, maybe you should have a look to the British Institute summer camps, also there are some bilingual schools that organize camps, like King's college and Brains.

Domasa 1369054980

Thanks for your quick reply Arantxa. By British Institute do you mean British Council? When I googled "British Institute summer camp Madrid" it came back with lots of offers for the summer courses offered by the British Council. These are obviously no good for my kids as they don't need to learn English... I just want them to practice it! I'll check out Kings and Brains. Have you sent your children to either camps? Which is the best??

MarMar-906855 1369067563

Arantxa and Domasa thanks for your replies.

I hadn't thought to search the British Council but I suppose that because my daughter's grandparents live in Canada, I was interested in something more of a North American accent. I know I am asking for a lot. I am looking for the same thing as Domasa -- one where the Native speakers take their kids. My daughter is already bilingual and I don't see her at a camp where the children are learning English. I looked into the American School, but it was too costly for me. 

I saw Vaughn and thought it was a possibility since the owner, I believe, is American. However, they only have residential camps. I'm looking for a day camp. I did a google search and came up with this page: There's one called Kids Fun Ideas 100% English. It looks good. Does anyone else have any experience with them?

Domasa 1369144035

Mar Mar - Great tip! THANKS!!

MarMar-906855 1369237796

Domasa -- did you contact them? Do you know if they are British or American?



Domasa 1370266039


I went to see the place last week. The person who showed me around was Spanish and very friendly. She said that the camp is being run by an American lady who has been here for many years and has a language academy. I have contacted the camp's e.mail address and was sent the registration forms straightaway. The prices are the cheapest I've come across and they still have availability for the dates I'm looking for. I'll let you know when I finally take the plunge!



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