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My husband, 2yr old son and I are moving to Madrid in the summer for at least 3 years and so I am looking into renting a house.  My husband will be working in near Torrejon so thinking East/ North East? A family district close to schools, local amenities etc would be nice and we would love to have a pool.  If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate them and also an indication of rent prices for a 3 bed house with a pool would be great. Thank you in advance Laura

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Are you looking at sending your child to a Spanish or International school?  When you have decided upon this then it is easier to make a decision.




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We haven't decided yet, in fact it is something else I need to look into.  I am English and my husband is french and we speak in English at home. My husband always speaks in french to our son but I am not sure if that will be enough and we will have to send him to a french school?

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Charmartin is a good area with lots of good schools.

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I would advice a spanish school and then your child will pick up another language very easily.

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Thank you Georgem, I will have a look at Charmartin but I guess what we really need to do is to visit Madrid for a recce and get a feel for different neighbourhoods. 

Thank you also to evern1, we are definitely going to put our son in a Spanish nursery and school. You're right, he'll learn quicker plus he will get English and French at home.

After looking at a few flats online does anyone have an opinion on Piovera or Hortaleza in general?

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La Piovera is a good area and also Quinta los Molinos and also Conde Orgaz.



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You are correct, you need to visit and get a feel for the place, it worked for me.

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