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Hi, Bit of a large subject this one, but can anybody offer advice on moving to the Madrid area. Residents permits - difficult to obtain? Schools - easy to get into once residents permit received? Rental - What is the situation regarding long term property rental, easy to find? Jobs - There are no jobs in Valencia for experienced Banking Consultants/Analysts (which is where i live now), does Madrid offer a more progressive job market? Any help is gratefully received Cheers   

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Is the Metro easy to use and is there anything I need to know. Because of the crisis my taxi days are over but I am a bit worried about using the metro.

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Looking for a university that offers Postgraduate couses? Any advise welcome. thx

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I am looking for a suncream that I can use on my face. I have tried using ordinary sun cream but it is too gloopy and makes me feel all slimy. Has anyone got any tips on a good cream to buy?

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Are lectures at Spanish Unis open to the general public? The reason I ask is that I would be interested in going along to lectures just to learn a bit of Spanish. Would I have to check it was ok with the professor first?

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Where is the best store in Madrid to buy a computer? Somewhere with good prices and a good selection. Thx in advance.

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i would love to improve my spanish grammar, where is the best place to do that? are there any language schools that give just grammar lessons, or do i need to find a tutor?

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Is it expensive and is the post system reliale?

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At the moment I'm getting my printer cartridges by post from an English supplier, is there anywhere in Madrid I can buy direct?

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I'm looking for a job like babysitting, cleaning.

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Does anyone know of any shops which have an international section where you can buy things like lucozade etc

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Does anyone know of a cheap internet cafe that is open fairly regular hours? i don't have an internet connection set up yet and have some work that needs to get done. thanks

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Can you add photo's to classifieds for free?

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Whre is the best place to get Information for people with disabilities in Madrid?

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Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone can give me an indication of the real state of the Spanish job market in Madrid and how it might affect my plan to move over from London. Basically I am researching the possibility of relocating to Madrid as am looking to move out of London and live abroad again, with Spain being my preferred location but the news over here would have us believe that there is no chance of getting work over there...   Can anyone summarise what the situation is like for expats?  Are there many firms that would hire native English speakers with some Spanish but not fluent? I'm currently based in London and work as a Sales Manager for an Online Media company.  Clearly I speak native level English and worked in Paris for 3 years so can also speak fluent/professional level French.  My Spanish however is only proficient for conversation etc - although keen to move over to Spain and become fluent in future!   Currently earn £40k basic plus pretty decent bonuses.  Not too concerned about earning less over in Spain, if the quality of life is better I'd accept lower but any indication on earning potential would be greatly welcomed for budgeting etc. Was also considering getting some teaching qualifications (TEFL/CELTA) as a bit of an insurance policy, so as to be able to work as teacher or do some tuition to top up earnings or as an option if I can't find anything more commercial. Any advice greatly appreciated and might earn you a cana or two if I ever end up over in Spain with you! :)    

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We are new to Madrid from Melbourne and are looking for an area to live in while we are in Spain. I have to keep my darling happy so need an area that we can comfortably contact other English speaking people. I work at the southern end of the Airport in IT so travel to work by car. Social life is important. Are there any groups of people that get together ( I am ex military also)? 

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Came acroos this article  http://www.bignewsnetwork.com/index.php?sid/208772953/scat/a5286f17ab326d15   Does not look good!

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Hey,Is there an English Speaking Radio station in Madrid?

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I have just noticed that you can now put on classified adverts with pohtos for FREE!

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I have been using this site for a while and just realised how much information is on here, take a look at this...   http://madrid.angloinfo.com/information

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