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What are the big live music venues in Madrid? Ideally where you pay to go in rather than get tickets in advance.

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How do you get to the centre of Madrid from the airport? Easiest and cheapest ways please, travelling pretty light.

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Ok here it goes! So after a 14 year successsful sales career in Manchester and currently London, I have quit my job, moved out of my flat, a house sale is going through and im moving to Madrid! Why? Because life is too short and I have some great memories in this city! I move around the 15th August and I'm torn into what I am going to do, I have a flat to move to in Alcala with a friend who already lives there and is an English Teacher, I have requested to join an English drama group in September as it was a big passion of mine and I have done tv and stage work up to my late teens and really want to get back into it (im 30 this year!), I have been a children's entertainer and I have managed call centres and staff alike and headed up sales teams and departments in the UK and been successful in the growth of organisations and the training of staff! Now im moving to a great city and really want advice on what I should do?! What my skills will help me do and any other advice in general!! Sorry to ramble and I look forward to your replies! xxxx If anyone has opportunities or advice I would be very greatful

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Hi all! I am a 24 year old British guy living in Madrid with my girlfriend and I'm looking for English-speaking friends whilst living in Madrid for the next year. My Spanish isn't great so I'd prefer to hang with English speaking for a while at least! My Spanish is improving slightly so I may go to some language exhchanges at some point... Anyway, I'd like to meet some similar people to myself. Anyone in the same boat? Or can anyone advise anything that can help me? Thanks a lot!

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Hi, We are moving from Madrid to Bath within the next couple of months and wonder whether anyone has any suggestions for removals companies (cheapish but reliable) for 55 cubic metres of stuff. Alternatively, is there anyone who has their HGV license and would like to do it?

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Just looking at the current films on in English and realised I don't know anythign about any of them. Has anyone watched any of them and enjoyed it suffciently to recommend it to someone else?

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Where do you considered the best areas for shopping in Madrid and the outskirts? Not too pricey as I'm not that bothered about designer stuff.

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My Smart phone turns itself off when the battery level drops to anything between 25% and 15% remaining. It's very frustrating and I have no idea why. Any technologically-minded people have an answer?

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Is there a real estate expo this year in Madrid of have I missed it. I know that in previous years there has been a giant property expo and was wondering if they're going to repeat it. Also a second hand car fair? Is there one of those too?

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Please advise me. My cousins son is an 18 year old with no exprience but would love the oppetrunity to work in Spain. He is looking for bar work or something similar or even attending a bar work school.   Whats the best way to look for this kind of work?   He has only just started learing Spanish.   Any kind words of advice would be really appreciated, as he is young and eager.   Thanks in advance

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Is there a group that take donations of unwanted furnture, televisions, linen, that sort of thing in Madrid?

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Inspired by the advert selling Google Glass i came across Baidu Eye. The Chinese internet giant appear to be aping Google. Will this be released in Europe? Anyone know price etc? It would be good if Movistar started carrying it, that would be excellent.

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Is there such a thing as a Madrid version of the London 'Oyster Card'?

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What site do you go to in order to have a look at bank repossessions in Spain (in particular Madrid)?

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AngloINFO is offering you the chance to win over €1500 worth of goodies from The British Corner shop (stocks products from other nations too): Just send a funny, heartwarming or surprising picture of something that reminds you of home (doesn't have to be food) to the Facebook or Twitter account and you could be in with a chance of winning. More details here: http://madrid.angloinfo.com/competition And Youtube video for inspiration can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys7nE-HVr7k What reminds you of home most?

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Where can I test and buy Segways in Madrid? Is there anywhere suitable?

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Well well well, wonders will never cease. An apology from a politician not actually grovelling for their job (yet) http://www.theolivepress.es/spain-news/2014/10/28/pm-rajoy-apologies-for-pp-corruption-for-the-first-time/

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Are you as concerned as I am about the plastic rubbish, including the ubiquitous plastic water bottles, that we see everywhere?  If so, join the global campaign to do something about it! If everybody does a little, a lot will be achieved.  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/656/074/365/pledge-to-clean-up-some-plastic-rubbish-every-day/ Thank you.

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I want a contract free mobile plan that give me 4G data access. Does this exist?

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Does anyone ue Tuenti Mobile? What network do they use as I guess they are a MVNO? Looking forward to your feedback. And likewise from users of Lycamobile or DIGI Mobile.

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