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Hello Everyone, I have been in Spain for a couple of months on a house-sitting assignment and have been really saddened to see a number of presumably abandoned dogs wandering about, some in a terrible state. Does anyone have any suggestion as to what to do in this circumstance? As I am house-sitting I am not in a position to take dogs in unfortunately. On a broader level than the plight of individual dogs, I have found a website: www.esdaw.eu which looks at this problem in depth and is aiming to do something about it. The site is well worth a good read to understand the true extent of the problem across Europe. It also has an action section, with petitons to sign. In addition there is a link to MEPs. I wrote to every Spanish MEP yesterday by e-mail.  There are 53 of them and it only took a couple of hours. Several have replied already and I hope and believe that if we bring this matter to their attention in numbers, we will bring about change. Please pass this on to anyone who you think may wish to participate. 'Animals are reliable, many full of love, true in their affections, grateful and loyal. Difficult standards for people to live up to.' (Alfred A. Montapert) Only the actions of individuals can bring about change. Thank you.

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Hi All, If anybody out there is on Facebook, you can join this on-line virtual march. It is easy to do, no petition to sign, no donation required. Just a show of solidarity that declares it is time for the brutality against Spain's hunting dogs to stop. https://www.facebook.com/events/880217401997319  

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Hi, anyone know of an English speaking travel agent I can use to book a holiday at varoius places in the US

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I really don't want to offend anyone we I visit in the nbext couple of weeks. Are there any dos and don't regardin cultural mannerisms in Spain and in partucular Madrid?

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What sort of personal protection are we allowed to have in our own home and / or carry with us in Spain? Legally speaking, obviously.

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Saddened to read this morning about the death of a football fan in clashed between Atletico and Depor fans last night outside of the Vicente Calderon stadium. Appartently he ended up in the Manzanares and suffered hyperthermia and a heart attack. Quite a number of people were also hurt including police officers. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come as I always found football matches here in Spain to be quite a safe place for children and families in the past.

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When do the sales start over here? I see rebajas ALL THE TIME here but I'm wondering when the proper sales begin?

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Yeah, these guys really need a free car on top of their six-figure a week salaries. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2856883/Real-Madrid-stars-treated-brand-new-Audi-s-s-no-surprise-Cristiano-Ronaldo-chose-fastest-model-available.html World's gone mad.

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How about spending Christmas Eve dinner the Spanish way? Find more in http://www.eatwith.com/offering/1768

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Do they do life-size living nativities in Madrid? Where's the best Belén in the city?

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Are there any English-speaking gaming groups in Madrid? For Warhammer and that sort of thing?

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Hi everyone! My name is Lisa, I'm a bilingual Spanish-Italian teacher with more than 7 years experience in teaching both languages. I offer CHEAP Spanish classes to adults and children. Intensive DELE preparation courses or regular classes. Prices for groups (max 4 people): from 5€/hour Prices for one-to-one classes: 1 hour = 10 euros 5 hours = 45 euros (save 5 euros) 10 hours = 80 euros (save 20 euros) I offer great dynamic classes, reviewing grammar, improving everyday Spanish expressions, improving pronunciation and also writing skills. If interested, please contact me at lisa.monetti@gmail.com

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What's the cheapest way to get to Zaragoza from Madrid? Has anyone done it and can you share your experiences?

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Is anyone using either of these companies (in particular Spunky) for their internet access through 4G? Would be interested to hear of you experiences please. Thanks

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I've got a mountian bike that has take a bit of a beating over the last year or two. The derailleur is bent all over the place and the gear shifting is completely knackered.

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Have they stopped doing meals for Preferente customers on RENFE?

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What's the legal position regarding cannabis in Spain. I smell it quite frequently.

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Is there a wedding fayre anywhere in Madrid this year? I'm hoping to attend as many as possible!

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Anyone able to explain in simple English how to remove a hub (the set of cogs at the back) of a mountain bike please? I've tried following Youtube videos but I'm completely stuck.

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Learn Spanish on a Friday afternoon or on a Saturday morning with AIL Madrid - an Instituto Cervantes Accredited Academy. Course starts on the 10th and 11th of April 2015. Number of classes: 3 classes a week Small groups (max. 10 students, average 6). Price: €280 (includes course text book) for either Friday or Saturday course Instituto Cervantes accredited certificate at the end of your classes. Special discount on early enrolment! If you sign up before the 1st of April, there is a 10% discount, so the price of the course will be 252€. Contact us by email:  laura@ailmadrid.com or telephone: + 34 91 72 56 350 Our website: http://www.ailmadrid.com/spanish-courses/en/Part-time-Courses/Weekend-Spanish-Classes/198 Hope to see you soon!

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