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I've heard alot about skype recently and want to try it out. Can anyone tell me how it works? Is it actually free?Jo

started by: bushy-169820 · last update: 1178718368 · posted: 1178533665

I heard someone say they were going to be a madrileño, What is this?

started by: Pippa-169731 · last update: 1176976702 · posted: 1176831957

Hi, One of my best friend's birthdays is coming up and I want to send her a present. Got any gift ideas? It needs to be easy to package / send. What about something typically Spanish? Any help would be appreciated.

started by: Tapas-169776 · last update: 1176897962 · posted: 1176894930

Where can I find out about markets near me?

started by: Marie-169709 · last update: 1176741336 · posted: 1176717870

Does anyone know of a good Spanish course or class? I have basic Spanish, but am looking to improve.

started by: muffin-169352 · last update: 1175011448 · posted: 1175007049

Hi Angloinfo Can you tell me what I have to do to get my business advertised in your business directory? Thanks

started by: suze-169330 · last update: 1174567181 · posted: 1173458650

I've been following the postings on books, ( The Labyrinth ) and have developed an interest in Cathar history. Although most of the stuff you read is based in France they were scattered throughout Europe. I was wondering if anybody knows of any involvement in Spain ( this area in particular ) I would imagine that there is a lot of Knights Templar evidence, but what of the Cathars?

started by: jordie · last update: 1173458816 · posted: 1173188508

I've heard that there is a problem in England with contaminated petrol, what's the story and is it going to be a problem here?

started by: mannie-169541 · last update: 1173458144 · posted: 1173388328

Should I need to change my portable telephone network from France in Spain?

started by: casper-169368 · last update: 1172845070 · posted: 1172755558

I do hope that the release of Inaka de Juana Chaos, the ETA leader, does not lead to a media frenzy ( on either side ) and that his call for peace was genuine. Let's try and keep a clear head as much as possible.

started by: mannie-169541 · last update: 1172667392 · posted: 1172667392

How is the postal system in Spain, in France it is very good.

started by: erico-169396 · last update: 1171916960 · posted: 1158854332

I lived in Madrid for about 12 years from 1983 onwards, before moving to Greece. I have since moved 3 or 4 times and am now in Cyprus. In one of the moves I have lost my old contacts book and have no way of finding some old friends, until of course I found this web site...!! Does anyone know the whereabouts of Maria Kendall?? Rosie Barker?? Mick (forget the surname/big Everton fan) and Yolanda?? Please either get back to me, or let them know that Eric Neil is looking for them. My e-mail to pass on to them is; erictneil@hotmail.com Hope to hear from someone soon.  

started by: suze-169330 · last update: 1171916361 · posted: 1171573338

Does anybody have the same problem as me ? I used to live in France and I now find myself skipping from one language to another, am I just getting daft ( or maybe old )

started by: jordie · last update: 1171024181 · posted: 1170185297

Does anybody know where I can get classes in computer skills ( in English, obviously ) I know the basics but I feel that I'm being left behind.

started by: gibson-169333 · last update: 1170953986 · posted: 1167252909

Can I point out that not everybody who looks at and enjoys this site is English, there are lots of non- English English speakers ( does that make sense ? ) No offence intended, but we all live abroad ( most, anyway ) let's get a bit more international.

started by: mannie-169541 · last update: 1169583093 · posted: 1169583093

I am french with some english and would want to speack spanish also, can you help.

started by: frankie-169518 · last update: 1169222358 · posted: 1168444545

My daughter has decided she wants to learn to play the clarinet. Does anybody know a good teacher?

started by: binks-169343 · last update: 1168287360 · posted: 1166564189

I go to Spanish classes at a local government funded community centre and today we had our Christmas Lunch. All free, take a pudding if you feel like it, but not obligatory, but what a great time. Teachers, social workers, ex-pats of all denominations, battered wives, you name it they were there, but everybody so friendly and welcoming. Get involved!

started by: bruno-169341 · last update: 1168184091 · posted: 1167252590

We"re off to the UK tomorrow for the first time in yonks, is there anything I should be wary of?

started by: dodie-169345 · last update: 1168011418 · posted: 1167839217

Is Saturday a Bank Holiday and will the shops be open?

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