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Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everybody, and BLIMEY IT'S COLD

started by: suze-169330 · last update: 1167565184 · posted: 1167140561

It doesn't matter how long I live here I can't get used to the fact that Boxing Day doesn't exist. Looking forward to the New Year celebrations though. Feliz Navidad

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Do they really have an equivalent of January sales in Madrid?

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I caught something on the news but didn't quite ' get ' what was going on. Has Air Madrid folded and will it affect European residents in Madrid?

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Am I too late for posting Christmas cards?

started by: suze-169330 · last update: 1164400885 · posted: 1164312122

Do shops generally offer wrapping services. I'm trying to save time pre-christmas.

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We have been living in Las Rozas for two years now and have to say we have not really settled here. We have thought many times about moving to Madrid must most people we speak tell us we are better off here because we have two young children. Yes it is quieter, clean and there are lots of parks but it is also an unfriendly, clannish pueblo with very little "life".  Comments on best areas to live with children much appreciated.  

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Is it expected to leave a ' Christmas Tip ' for, say the postman or dustmen? I live in a guarded complex of house with an odd-job man who relieves us of our rubbish, looks after the pool etc so, obviously we'd give him something but how far do you go?

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I've looked everywhere for a good old hot water bottle, I know they're available but I just can't find one. Do I have to go into Madrid? Seems like a perfectly simple thing to ask for but, sod's law and all that.

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I'm looking for some volunteer work, where do I start?

started by: dodie-169345 · last update: 1161635284 · posted: 1161460683

Does anybody know of any furniture repairs/restorers?

started by: karen-169334 · last update: 1158785652 · posted: 1155223637

Love it - do not know how to make it: help!

started by: muffin-169352 · last update: 1158670569 · posted: 1157282983

I'm getting hundreds of spam e-mails at the moment and it's driving me crazy! is there anything I can do to block these e-mails? Thanks

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I've seen lots of ads and references to Paradores and I know that they are hotels but can anybody explain properly what they are and what makes them special.

started by: suze-169330 · last update: 1157554062 · posted: 1157378663

I was reading about Toledo the other day and there was a segment on the Civil War and the Alcazar. Has anybody been there, the Alcazar not Toledo. It sounded fascinating and very sad.

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Although I'm mostly getting by I do want to improve my Spanish, particularly the grammar. What's the best route to take?

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