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Is there a wedding fayre anywhere in Madrid this year? I'm hoping to attend as many as possible!

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Anyone able to explain in simple English how to remove a hub (the set of cogs at the back) of a mountain bike please? I've tried following Youtube videos but I'm completely stuck.

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Learn Spanish on a Friday afternoon or on a Saturday morning with AIL Madrid - an Instituto Cervantes Accredited Academy. Course starts on the 10th and 11th of April 2015. Number of classes: 3 classes a week Small groups (max. 10 students, average 6). Price: €280 (includes course text book) for either Friday or Saturday course Instituto Cervantes accredited certificate at the end of your classes. Special discount on early enrolment! If you sign up before the 1st of April, there is a 10% discount, so the price of the course will be 252€. Contact us by email:  laura@ailmadrid.com or telephone: + 34 91 72 56 350 Our website: http://www.ailmadrid.com/spanish-courses/en/Part-time-Courses/Weekend-Spanish-Classes/198 Hope to see you soon!

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Why was everything closed today? Was it a red day?

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The demand for Spanish language has just doubled in a decade. Lots of people are joining Spanish courses to have an added language skill to show in their resume. People are in business sector are giving this language topmost priority in communication. Chac-Mool is a great Spanish School Costa Rica where both adult and children can learn in a most effective way possible.

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Hey everyone, When are the kids back to school after Easter? Can any one tell me? Thanks.

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How do you get big orders back from IKEA? Can you order online for delivery? Anyone have any experience of this?

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Which station would we need to use to get the train to Cartagena?

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Can anyone tell the best place (cheapest) to get an Xbox One please?

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The one on one program in the Spanish Language Program includes individual attention to students enrolling under it.  Their ways of ensuring language learning are all mostly communication based and thus involve much practical practice and speaking with the natives. Their processes are highly result oriented and proven successful several times.

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Guiri Guide is a lifestyle blog focused on making your move to Madrid as smooth as possible while offering limitless insight into one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. We believe in honest opinions and thorough information: exploring the city with fresh eyes, finding new adventures, and falling in love with Madrid! Visit us at http://guiriguidetomadrid.com/ or share your Madrid knowledge with others by sending us an email: info@guiriguide.com . You can also follow us on twitter @Guiri_guide  See you at Guiri Guide!

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Hi there, Is it possible to receive SKY via asatellite dish in Madrid nowadays?

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Getting to learn Spanish at Costa Rica Spanish language school is a pleasant cultural activity and is the very good way to learn in very less amount of time. Spanish schools are found in every part of Costa Rica providing fun filled and lively experience of learning, unique in its kind. Costa Rica Spanish language school provide facilities like learning while travelling. The additional benefit about learning while travelling is that one can get a great deal of information on one’s travelling options while travelling around the country. Not only this, many of these schools also provide home-stay, volunteering and internship programs.

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http://www.actin-spain.com/dogs-locked-in-a-container/  A small charity is trying to rescue a number of dogs locked in a metal container in the Valencia area. It's amazing they are still alive, the temperature touched 44 last week.   Please help by signing the petition and passing on to everyone you can think of who would sign too (actually, who wouldn't?)   http://www.thepetitionsite.com/958/431/466/free-the-hunting-dogs-locked-in-a-metal-container-in-the-spanish-heat/

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Hi, Looking for suggestions on getting a moped transported from Madrid back to Ireland or UK.      

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Hey all. Is anyone aware of an electronics shop in Madrid that stocks Smart Watches please? Specifically LG. Thanks.

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ACTIN, in collaboration with San Animal and Cruz Azul have announced the National Animal Welfare Conference to be held in Los Alcázares, Murcia on 16th-18th October 2015. It is believed to be the first of its kind and will bring together leaders in all aspects of the field as well as people already running rescues and sanctuaries, and those wishing to learn how best to help at all levels and in all sorts of ways.   “Our mission is to bring together as many people as we can who are involved in animal welfare in Spain, to encourage co-operation and exchange of ideas” said Lyn Baines, Conference Manager. “We will be launching the PAES Project at the conference and we have some exceptional speakers on various topics.” Please see the website for more details and pass this on to anyone who you think may be interested. Registration donations are low to ensure that the event is open to as many people as possible. Are you troubled by the state of animal welfare in this country? This is your great chance to get involved and to help make a difference. You are not alone!   http://www.proteccionanimales.es/paes-events/national-animal-welfare-conference-oct-2015/  

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Is there such a thing as pawn shops in Spain / Madrid?

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House for sale? Wishing to Go Back to the UK? Want to return "home"? Many have taken the leap to move to France and Spain but now want to return for numerous reasons ie missing family/grandchildren, ailing parents, failing health and wanting to be nearer family, can't find work, and so on. Speak with like-minded people and share informative posts on our group "Going Back to the UK". What people are saying about us: "Going Back to the UK is perfect for anyone planning to sell up and goback to the UK. The information given just about covers everything an expat needs to know, also about going back and getting back into the British way of doing things" "Brilliant group. Friendly, informative, helpful and just downright fun" "A terrific group...so much help and support..kindness knows no bounds...and lots of laughs as a side dish!" https://www.facebook.com/groups/GoingBackToTheUK/

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Moving to Madrid from another country can feel very overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! Guiri Guide has created a list of the first five things you should do when moving to Madrid, including transport, your NIE card, Spanish classes and more! Check it out on our Madrid Expat lifestyle blog:  http://guiriguidetomadrid.com/the-top-5-things-to-move-to-madrid/  Can you think of any other not-to-miss items?

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