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Hi. As I'm moving away from Madrid at the End of November, I have a lot of English books (paper back novels) that I want to give away free of charge. If anyone is interested or knows a central place where books can be donated, please let me know. A list of books will be available shortly. Please contact sandra.glattfelder@hotmail.com. Books need to be picked up near Plaza Mayor, Madrid.Thanks.

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My wife and I moved 4 years ago to France permanently from Canada.  We are Canadian but my wife was born in the UK, as a consequence she has a UK and a Canadian Passport.  It was on the strength of her UK Passport that we were able to move to France.  My wife moved from England when she was 7 years old.  The challenges in France have been residency for me (I now have a 5 year Carte Sejour), health care (we are now in the Assurance Maladie system), inheritance taxes (we have no money but the thought of having to divide property amongst children of my previous marriage has us concerned).  How are things different in Spain.  Has anyone moved to Spain to avoid French bureaucracy and antiquated laws.

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  Hello All, My husband and I are expecting our first baby in February, and my parents would like to come and visit to meet the baby but also to meet my husband's family for the first time! I am looking online, but so far, everything is really expensive. I thought I would just put it out there that we are looking and would be very interested in renting something close to where we live (Pacifico). We would consider something within 20 minutes of Pacifico as well, but my dad has a lot of problems getting around, so the closer the better. Essentially, we live close to Atocha.  Of course, since a due date is clearly just an estimate, the dates of rental would be an estimate for now as well. But we would keep you posted as we get closer! Due date is Feb 18th, and they would like to stay for 2 weeks. Thanks in advance for your help with this! Mary

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Hi All, I was wandering if anyone would be so kind to share some advice? I am wanting to move to Madrid and before i go over for a few days I was wandering if anyone on here knew what the dance scene was like? I do have a full time job which im hoping to transfer but am also a professional hiphop dancer and teacher. If anyone has any info they could share or advise me in any way on possibly teaching dance there? and of course any general information that would be great! Thanks guys!

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Hi all, I need help with lost UK Photocard lisence en route from Gijon to Albacete, I still have the paper part with me but I am concerned if I get stopped, is it worth declaring it at police/gendarmes? what do I need to do that? Please please ineed  help with this as am now stuck!   thank you

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hello everyone today i heard on the grapevine that there are new charges for the social security payment for people starting their own business a reduction from 260euros pm to 50 euros pm... apparently it was on the news this week... i heard that the authorities were offering this for people under 30 for the first two years but now is it true that this is open to everyone of all ages... if anyone knows please let me know... many thanks Cheryl 

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Hi good people. I would like to meet some nice people who are foreigners for them to tell about their experience in Madrid. I am very new here, I come from Tanzania! I was wondering if there  are any East AAfricans in Madrid. Thanks Hawa

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Hi all, I hope you seasoned travellers/drivers can advice me about the best route to take from Gijon (N Spain) to Alicante via Villahermossa (west of Albaseta). the main criteria is the LESS hilly/mountainous road the better, i will be fine with Tolls, however long it will take as will have three days to get there. I am thinking of camping on route again any good safe sites will be greately appreciated. I will be travelling around mid-Oct.   many thanks

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Looking for a computer expert who can fathom out why one of our home computers will not connect to the internet or our wi fi enabled printer.

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  UK hit TV show Cowboy Builders is currently searching for cowboy builders abroad.   Have you been ripped off abroad? Has a language barrier cost more than it should have? Has your dream place in the sun become a nightmare of shoddy workmanship?   Ricochet Television is currently producing a brand new series of Channel 5's Cowboy Builders and is keen to hear from British Ex-Pats who have fallen victim to rogue builders away from home. We would like to hear from anyone who has lost money on building or renovating a dream new abode or holiday home in your area as a result of under qualified workmanship. So if you've been ripped off by a British or English speaking builder and you want us to expose them and maybe even help to fix your property, then please contact the Cowboy Builders team on consumeraffairs@ricochet.co.uk / +44 1273 224 829.   Ricochet Television is one of the UK's leading independent television production companies that produces high quality Factual and Entertainment programmes for broadcast by major networks in the UK and the US . Recent, award-winning shows include Food Unwrapped, Britain's Empty Homes, Hollywood Me and Cowboy Traders. For more information please visit our website http://www.ricochet.co.uk

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Hi I would like you to have a look at this web page, it is a volunteer organization to show Madrid to foreigners as anybody would to a friend (not like a professional touristic guide), it is free of charge and maybe a good way to see Madrid and meet people. 

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We have had to take a spanish based company to court for small claims. We are based in Frnace but they are in Spain.  We did this via the EU small claims court forms  which were surprisingly easy. I jusst sent the forms to Madrid and it all went  ahead. We were awarded the judgement and the  company had 30 days to pay up or oppose the  resolution of the court. 30 Days have now passed to no effect on the payment or the oposition. Does anyone know what happens next? I have written to the court to  advise them that nothing has ahppened but was wondering if anyof you have any experience on geting a reluctant company to pay up. . I don't fancy hiring hitmen!!!! Are there the equivalent of our french hussiers de justice in Spain?

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Is it easy to get married in church in Madrid. How do I arrange it?

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Hello, I will be staying in Madrid for another 4-5 weeks. I am really interested in taking a dance class once a week (either privately or in a group) in either salsa or sumba. Does anyone know of a good school preferably where they speak a little English?  

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I heard someone say they were going to be a madrileño, What is this?

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I am moving to Madrid in September, I have never been to the city before and am looking for some recommendations on good areas to live. I will be working in La Moraleja so would like to make the commute as efficient as possible but at the same time would like to live somewhere lively and interesting, it doesn't have to have a huge party or nightlife scene but just somewhere with nice bars, restaurants and shopping where I would have opportunities to socialise and meet other young professionals- if that is going to be possible with my very minimal Spanish! If anyone has good recommendations for short term accommodation for when I first get there and am looking for something more permanent that would be greatly appreciated as well. Thanks, Debbie  

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Hi, I am looking for a dress-fitter to alter a bridesmaid dress which needs some minor alterations to fit me - mainly length and waist.  Does anyone know of a place or person in Madrid that could help? Thanks

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Hello fellow expats. I'm looking for recommendations for a day camp for my 10 year old daughter. I prefer something in the city and one in English if at all possible. Does anyone have any suggestions?    

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Does anyone know if it is legal (in terms of customs regulations) to take a 'jamon' to the UK by 'plane, inside a suitcase checked as hold luggage? I don't see why it shouldn't be but I have a nagging doubt.

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My husband, 2yr old son and I are moving to Madrid in the summer for at least 3 years and so I am looking into renting a house.  My husband will be working in near Torrejon so thinking East/ North East? A family district close to schools, local amenities etc would be nice and we would love to have a pool.  If anyone has any suggestions I would really appreciate them and also an indication of rent prices for a 3 bed house with a pool would be great. Thank you in advance Laura

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