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Hello I need your help please - I've been offered a work secondment for 3 months to live in Madrid. I don't speak a word of spanish, and the job role offered isn't that amazing...but is it still worth it? Couple of practical questions: 1. Is Madrid a safe city at night? 2. How much will my lack of Spanish be a barrier? With 3 months, I can start to learn, but will be far from fluent. 3. Is Madrid the sort of city where you need 3 months to take it in, or is it more of a weekend/week would do?   I am really in 2 minds, but having never been to Madrid I have no experiences to base my decision on. I basically don't want to have to have to sit in an apartment by myself because I don't speak Spanish, like a lemon, for 3 months when I've done all I'd like to do in the first month (visiting-wise), for a job that's not that great. But equally if it's a city where you think it would be a good living experience for three months, I'd love to hear why.   Thanks all for your opinion!

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Hello all, I am an Architect on sabatical and have recently moved to Madrid to practice my Spanish.  I have rented an apartment and understnad that althgouh an NIE number is required to stay here for ore then 3 months, I have heard that it is necessary to register the aparmtent lease at the municipality.  Does anyone know where the office is to do this? Thanks for any help. Alex.

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Just completed a survey on Anfloinfo and you can win an Ipad or mobile phone and it only took 1 minute . Have a go and Good Luck! http://survey.angloinfo.com/survey/index.php?sid=82628&newtest=Y&rid=madrid

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You now get free pic's with your classifies, buy/sell!  I love it!   http://madrid.angloinfo.com/classifieds

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I have an old stereo in VGC and fully functional with tape deck, speakers, CD player, graphic equiliser and amp. What on earth do I do with it? Is there a market for old stereo's or should I just leave it at the local dump?

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Hi there, I will be celebrating an important birthday soon and will need to hire a hall in Madrid. I would be grateful to receive ideas please. Thanks! MR

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I am looking for a 6-month traineeship in the field of law in Madrid. Are there any English speaking practices who offer traineeships to foreign students in the city?

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I´d like to pay to use a workshop with kiln and potters wheel to do ceramics. Would only be for 1 day a week. Any ideas?

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hey looking for any australians in madrid for aussie day... havnt heard of any thing yet,,any ideas?????????????

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My friends were speaking about Gota Fria and I could not work out what it was and did not want to seem stupid and ask! Any idea's, something about the weather?

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Hi! I would appreciate if somebody could inform me of a magazine or/and website that informs me of forthcoming antique/flea markets in Spain.Thank you in anticipation.

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Does the metro still operate over the Xmas period?

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Hi there everyone, we are moving to Madrid in mid-January and would like to rent a small house rather than an apartment in the suburbs of Madrid or in a nearby town or village.  We will be working in central Madrid so need to be within 15km commutable distance.  Our main reason is the fact that we have a dog so an apartment is not ideal, plus we would like to live in a slightly quieter area outside of the city centre.  We don't have a large rental budget.  Any help would be really gratefully received as we are finding it really difficult to get a feeling for the local areas outside of Madrid on the internet from the UK!!  Thanks in advance, Vicky

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When do the Spanish children open their xmas presents ?

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I am looking for packs of Christmas cards to send to friends and family both here and back in the UK. Is it just me or don't the Spanish really go in for Christmas cards? I can't find anything worth buying! Has anyone had more luck than me?

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Are workers in Spain only entitled to Christmas day off or is the 26th a public holiday too?

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I am in need to know the employment agencies who are being used by academic instiutions in spain / madrid / barcelona. Would you please help me?

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Help! I am terrible at Spanish and I find myself writing a huge pile of Christmas cards to Spanish clients and not knowing what to write! How do I say "To" (sounds silly I know!!) and "Wishing you all the best for 2013" and "Best regards"?? Thanks in advance! 

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Looking for Christmas present ideas for my boyfriend who I havn't been going out with for long. He likes football and Rap music like most guys int heir twenties....any ideas?

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Looking for a Santacostume to surprise the kids this year, willing to buy or hire.

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