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I HAVE RECENTLY BEEN CONNED!!  A FAMILY  STAYED IN A FLAT I OWN FOR 3 MONTHS NOT A CENTIME OF RENT! NO TAX NO ELECTRIC OR WATER PAYMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They did a moonlight flit to Madrid!!!   FROM Normandy in France!!! the man has family there!! and the 23 year old son told a neighbour, that they were going to get a gite or house free the same way in Madrid!!!! The mother is french ,speaks some english as they lived in the USA for some years..............odd reasons for leaving!!  in a rush!!!!tHE SON SPEAKS SPANISH AS DOES HIS DAD  SO DO NOT RENT THEM ANYTHING!!!!! ALSO DRUGS ARE INVOLVED   BE WARNED!!!!

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Merry Xmas from the AngloINFO team!

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Dear all, I would like to register as an independent English teacher,so please does anyone know where to do it and what is the necessary paper work and procedure for the registration? Thank you very much in advance! Best regards, Jelena Kostic

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Dear all, I would need to travel by bus from time to time and I was wondering where to buy a ticket because I haven't noticed any ticket machines in front of the bus stops.Do I simply enter the bus and buy a ticket from a bus driver and what's the price? Is it posibble to buy a day ticket and how much does it cost? Thank you very much in advance! Best regards, Jelena Kostic

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I heard something about strike action over the Xmas period, is this true?

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Our neighbours dog keeps waking us up barking 2 or 3 times a night. The neighbours dog is kept outside and they just let it bark, sometimes for 30-45 minutes. It is beginning to really disturb our sleep and is very frustrating. Is there any way we can submit an official complaint or anything we can do?

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To be honest no one else would take it on. We are only a small community of owners ( 56) with very little community property so it will not be a big task. I would be interested to hear from others who have held the postion though.

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Does anyone know where I can buy roller shoes cant find thm anywhere

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Would you, have you? Not my choice but the rest of the family want to give it a go, is it as awful as I think or as good as they do?

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Hello can anyone please advise me what is the law and requirements on changing an English driving licence to a Spanish, one, firstly do I have to do this by law, and if so where do I do it? I'm living in Madrid any help  much appreciated.   best wishes  c 

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Hi can anyone advise me please.   i am considering working from home selling home made crafts and so initially I don't expect to earn a great deal, I have heard that to be autonomo you will be required to pay roughly 260 euros each month for social security before any tax, how does this rule apply to a small cottage business, are you allowed to earn so much before you have to become autonomo? Or is the same for any business, if this is the case it may not be worth my while trying to start up... very cconfused  thanks in advance for any advise regards C 

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Are there any meet up groups/coffee mornings etc for Americans in Madrid?

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Hello,I would like to have eyebrow piercing. Do you know any good places in Madrid where I could do this? Preferably with people that can also speak some English.Thank you

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Hi, Moving back from Madrid back to UK. Can anyone recommend a good 'English speaking' removals company in Madrid who will transport my furniture back to the UK?   Thanks   Pierce

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I am soon going to a conference in Madrid and i have a feeling the whole thing is going to be is Spanish! Are there any interpreting agencies I can call on to help me out?

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My nephew will be coming to study in Madrid early 2013 and will need a room in Madrid, can someone give me an idea of cost and the best way to go about finding one?

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So Obama has won the Presidential race and earns 4 more years! Any thoughts?

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How will this effect us?

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Doea anybody know of any charity shops in Madrid? I am moving to France and have sveeral bags of clothes/shoes that I would like to donate. Thanks.

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We are coming to visit soon, by car. Can anyone suggest the best place to leave the car. I lived in Madrid a few years ago so am well aware of the problems that can sometimes occur when leaving a vehicle in the centre.

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