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My wisdom teeth are killing me and the pain is becoming unbearable. Can anyone recommend a dentist or help me find one?Alternatively, anyone got any home remedies - aside from tranquillisers!


Mogsley 1244200788

Hi Anthony - oh dear, I can completely sympathise.  The dentist we use is English and his emergency number is 
6618 57170 - Clinica Dental Cisne, c/Magallanes, 18-1º, 28015 Madrid. Normal hours call 91 446 32 21.  Meantime gargle (don't swallow) with soluble paracetamol every hour and rub clove oil on to the gum until you can get there (or if you can get to a pharmacy and find Bonjela that is also good.

Daniel H-170421 1244207455

Oh dear, I can sympathise with that too - there's nothing worse than toothache!

There is a comprehensive list of English speaking dentists listed here:

on AngloINFO Madrid.

Hope that helps.

Domasa 1244207663

I recommend Eduardo Fernandez Blanco. He's fluent in English as he grew up in Australia. The address is Avda. America 4, Bajo D (opposite the Metro station). The number I have is: 91 725 2172 - but it may have changed as I've not been for a while. He doesn't charge for the first visit, although he usually insists of having X-rays done of your teeth for which he charges about 20 EUR.

Get well soon!

Anthony-172983 1244325977

Thank you Mogsley, thank you Daniel and thank you Domasa for your recommendations. It's much more reassuring when you go to a place knowing that it's been recommended to you by someone else.

I'm going to look into this problem (as the dentist said to the patient) beginning of next week. I can't wait to shift the pain!!

tommy-172252 1244413167

Doesn't gargling whisky help numb the pain? Or is that an old wive's tale?

Can second the Bonjela recommendation - tastes really nice too as it's made for babies when they are teething!

Barry Mealey 1343145268

I Searched for an English speaking dentist in Madrid back in April 2012, I eventually compiled a list from various web searches and information and began to ring the Dentist, After leaving many answer messages, I rang a Clinic Called Cloe," "="">">, They made room for me in there very tight schedule, and stayed open late on a Friday to cure my problem of a cracked tooth, I have since been several times to have various work done on my teeth and can honestly say have never been to a more friendly and modern dentist, I think everyone I know has a slight fear of the Dentist me included, When I had a tooth refilled the other week I actually fell asleep whilst my Beautiful Young American dentist and her equally beautiful Spanish assistant completed the work. Victor who is the main Dentist and also I believe a professor from the University of Dentistry in Madrid, could not be nicer, always explaining exactly what treatment is needed and how much.
If you watch Spanish Television He is the Guy on the Sensodyne Advert. If you want second to none treatment at very reasonable prices Dont go anywhere else.

I hope this helps anyone who is or was in as much agony as me.

Regards To All

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