Irritable bowel syndrome

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Are there other IBS sufferers out there? Mine seems to have gotten worse over the last couple of years to the extent where I really have to do something about it. Does anyone have recommendations for a diet or a doctor / herbalist / alternative therapist that they've used to positive effect?


Malcolm-903619 1442564789

Terrible business IBS. I've seen Ibulieve advertised on the tele. Is that something you've tried?

Abelinda-170419 1442830435

No, I've not tried it TBH. Is there somewhere that stocks it locally?

hhallwat 1442830720

I cut wheat out of my diet, and above all avoid supermarket and restaurant bread.  I searched for and found shops selling spelt bread and products (but beware of scams) and have noticed a great improvement.  Also recently bought a bread making machine and use ingredients I buy from the health food shops.  

Good luck


Abelinda-170419 1442920702

Thank you so much for the reply.

Maybe it's all the additives that they put in the restaurant and supermarket bread that causes the problem? Or do you think it's the wheat?

Do you use a wheat flour when you make your own?

I'm pretty much beisde myself with the stress of having this. I don't even want to eat at the moment as it gives me so much trouble afterwards.

Glyn-173053 1443003092

Why don't you try a gluten-free diet for a bit and see what happens?

hhallwat 1443003528

No Belinda, I don't use wheat flour any more, since I think wheat has been "tampered" with and is not the same as the old fashioned stuff.  Also, yes, the chemical additives used these days to accelerate the  fermentation process cause untold digestive problems.  The alternative that suits me is Spelt (a cousin of wheat) , but you might try out different types of grain until you find relief from IBS symptoms such as gas, bloating, constipation, etc. 

Hope this helps

Abelinda-170419 1443525974

That definitely does help, thank you so much!

It's all down to Monsato and the like isn't it? I never used to have this problem 20+ years ago.

I'm going to look up spelt and get a bread maker too - fabulous idea.

Is it glutenous (ie can I include it as part of a gluten-free diet) do you know?

Fringe 1443780940

Would it be possible to have the recipe for the bread that you make with the spelt flour please?

hhallwat 1444037567

These two links give lots of information and recipes, based mostly on bread making machines.  It's just a question of trial and error.

Hope this helps,


Abelinda-170419 1444219973

Hi Hazel

Where do you source your spelt wheat from? Local or online?


hhallwat 1444249160

Most good "herbolarios" such as El Vergel (Pº de la Florida 53, López de Hoyos, 72 and Albasanz, 2), stock different kinds of flour, including some that are gluten-free, and also the Biográ brand has good prepared mixes, including for pizzas. Herbolarios also sell ready made spelt and non-wheat bread and biscuits, etc and I've also seen non-wheat flours in Mercadona and Carrefour Market - and I bet C.Inglés has them too. Most good supermarkets sell spelt bread in the panadería dept. but this usually contains wheat flour too.

I forgot to say that I recently bought my bread maker at Lidl at a really good price, along with a recipe book with very mouth-watering pictures, which I have yet to try. Lidl also sells packets of ready-made bread mixes, with instructions for your bread machine, which I have tried and liked, but they contain wheat.

Hope this helps and sorry for the length of this message.

Fringe 1444295040

Thanks for the helpful message.

I've personally noticed a lot of products in Mercadona labelled as sin gluten and they don't seem to be as expensive as I would have expected. The sin gluten section in the big Carrefour stores are quite expensive paying 3-4 € for a small loaf of bread or a packet of pasta.

hhallwat 1444296298

Gluten-free is a different thing.  I was only referring to non-wheat grains and flour.

Abelinda-170419 1444991055

Yes, spelt still has gluten in. It's probably not sutiable for coeliacs.

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