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Is there a support group for women struggling with this in Madrid. I don't know about others, but this is really destryoing me.


Fringe 1431601451

You poor thing. There's not much to prepare a girl for when it hits. What are you struggling with particularly?

Abelinda-170419 1431685985

The hot flushes, the sleepless nights and the irritability are three things that immediately spring to mind.

Have you been through it (if that's not too personal)?

Fringe 1432725406

Yes I have (don't worry, it's not personal at all!). I think that I had it easier than most but like you I did suffer from hot flushes. I know exactly how your feel because the night time was worst with a complete inability to regulate my tempreature and lack of sleep. This caused me irritability during the day and was compounded when my late husband retired. Having him home was nice, but also caused me so much tension. We had a few crossed words, that's for sure.

I didn't take any supplements personally, but I know there are things out there to help.

Abelinda-170419 1432816977

Thanks for the reply. It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one.

Nobody prepares you for this. You get prepared for adolescence, but when this happens it's a bit of a shock!

Did you not ake anything at all? I'm on HRT tablets and soya tablets and still feel terrible.

Fringe 1432913099

So you've been to your GP and explained to them the way that you're feeling. Perhaps you need to up the dose of HRT?

Abelinda-170419 1433336129

I did that initially. I'm taking half doses of HRT because to start with it gave me a really bad period. The doctor suggested that I take half measures to see if that made me feel better.

Abelinda-170419 1433511758

I'm also incredibly tired at the moment too. Seems to be all the time.

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