World Congress on Neurology & Psychiatry

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Pediatric Neurology Meetings International proudly invitesall the participants from all over the world to attend “World Congresson Neurology & Psychiatry” during June 18-20, 2018 at Tokyo, Japan.  NeurologyCongress 2018 willbe operated by world class experts in the field of neurology and Psychiatry , Internationalsymposiums, B2B meetings, workshops will also be organised to discuss thespecific topics in the field of Neurology like Neuro Genesis,Neurophysiology, NeurologicalDisorders, NeuroMuscular Disorders, Neuro Infecticious Diseases, Neuropathology and Neuroplasticity.Theconference is aimed in to identify the genetic determinants of common disordersto understand the mechanisms underlying human cognition. Neurogenetic Disordersare common among developed and developing countries.Geneticdisorders and congenital abnormalities occur in around 2-5% of live birthsaccounting for approximately 30% of pediatric hospital admissions in manyplaces in the world. Neurogenetic conditions are generally chronic, long-termand incurable. In Japan approximately 10% of patients with neurologicalconditions have a single mutated gene as the basis for their disease.Furthermore, when polygenic inheritance is considered that is, the interplaybetween multiple genes and environment, a much larger proportion of neurologicaldiseases areincluded. Dementia is strongly linked with age, andthe Japan and other Asian countries have an increasingly aging population.Currently 20% of the Asian population is over 65, with this figure expected toreach 25% by 2030. In the Japan it has been estimated that dementia alone coststhe economy £20 billion a year.


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