started by: Gemma-169807 · last update: 1219835838 · posted: 1219748709

Managed to sit on my glasses and break them. Now need to a replacement pair or somewhere that repair them (the arm has come off and one of the lenses has popped out). Are there any shops or websites that sell good value glasses?Gem

started by: Gina-169974 · last update: 1219396164 · posted: 1219342574

On and off for the last few weeks I have been suffering from a red, prickly rash. A nurse I know has said she thinks it might be heat rash. Any fellow sufferers out there who could tell me how to avoid getting it?

started by: solo-170643 · last update: 1218615200 · posted: 1218565874

english or Spanish speaking must come to house, South west outskirts of city

started by: Janet-170869 · last update: 1217163876 · posted: 1216150452

Hi there, Don't know if anyone can help but my partner and I are staying in Madrid this week and he needs to see an osteopath urgently. Can anyone suggest someone English speaking please who could see him tomorrow or Thursday. Many thanks. Please can you e-mail me with any details. Janet

started by: pinkpound · last update: 1216807221 · posted: 1216720079

I am going bald very quickly and dispite the current fashion for bald heads its not my thing. Has any one heard of a good place to get transplants done in Spain please.

started by: Jack&Jill · last update: 1216725786 · posted: 1216725295

Can you help us? We are looking for those medical bracelets that alert people to allergies and medical conditions. We have just found out that our son has an allergy to a certain type of medicine and think it would ease our minds to know that should he need some treatment that people would be aware of this allergy. Is there anywhere in Spain (including websites) where we can get these?

started by: Marie-169709 · last update: 1216722310 · posted: 1216291989

Is there a weightwatchers club in Madrid? I think it would really help me to have some moral support to lose weight.

started by: sleeping beauty-170320 · last update: 1215971992 · posted: 1215712746

They have been times when I have been affected by this and I want to be prepared. What's the best way to deal with sunstroke?

started by: Babs-169825 · last update: 1215698535 · posted: 1215514284

They are apparently banning snack machines in schools in Murcia in an effort to promote healthy living. I think this is a positive step and would like to see other schools adopt this scheme too. Are there plans to introduce it elsewhere, do you know?

started by: yosef-169878 · last update: 1214996005 · posted: 1214221041

I've got hayfever for the first time ever, possibly because its my first year in spain. What does everyone recommend to make it better?

started by: mummy-170002 · last update: 1214418104 · posted: 1214381827

my daughter aged 5 refuses to open her mouth at the dentist any ideas that would help gratefully received

started by: flak-169821 · last update: 1213692597 · posted: 1213692597

Does anyone know where I can get trained in basic first aid and CPR here in Madrid Cheers

started by: sleeping beauty-170320 · last update: 1210159895 · posted: 1210097909

Can you suggest somewhere that I can buy natural / organic cosmetics?

started by: Joanne-169713 · last update: 1209123444 · posted: 1209060568

Any tips on where to find bigger sized bras for more busty ladies? I need to buy some new ones and am struggling to find one that fits.Jo

started by: Pippa-169731 · last update: 1203618075 · posted: 1203590109

I am a little sick of feeling so pale and pasty. Don't want to have to resort to tanning booths so looking for some advice from ladies (and men) out there on the best fake tan brands. Used to use the Boots No7 tan, but dont think it will be available here.

started by: sleeping beauty-170320 · last update: 1202640024 · posted: 1202466058

Help my favourite dermalogica cleanser is running out and I need to get a new one pronto. Is there a shop in Madrid that sells them?

started by: flak-169821 · last update: 1201516142 · posted: 1201510927

My elderly neighbour needs a ladies hairdresser at home, anyone know of a mobile one round here please.

started by: Gemma-169807 · last update: 1199468895 · posted: 1199356302

Do I need to make an appointment at the doctor's or are there other ways of solving the problem? I heard something about hopi candles - what are these and do they work?Gem

started by: Babs-169825 · last update: 1198234812 · posted: 1198230675

Can anyone recommend a spa in the Madrid area? I would like to get a close friend a treatment voucher for Christmas.

started by: Gemma-169807 · last update: 1197284444 · posted: 1196854865

I am starting to look a bit pastey - do you know of anywhere around Madrid that offers decent spray tans?Gem

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