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Where can I find a chemist open 24 hours a day?

started by: mummy-170002 · last update: 1194945992 · posted: 1194605435

I cannot use the latex type gloves and need to get latex free where can I get them here? thanks

started by: Babs-169825 · last update: 1191435648 · posted: 1191327665

I think my daughter needs her eyes testing, but she gets very nervous when she has medical appointments. Can anyone recommend an optician that would put her at ease?

started by: fayotte · last update: 1175511716 · posted: 1175283165

I am thinking about having a good manicure,where my nails are white at the ends, where do I go?

started by: poppy-169331 · last update: 1175176410 · posted: 1173459189

A friend of mine has started going to a solarium in preparation for the sun, seems a bit daft to me but she says it's a lot safer than sunbathing. I don't know many people who do sunbathe in the city,either too busy or too flipping hot, but is she right in saying it's safer?

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A friend has asked me to find out about hair extension, never having had them I have no idea where to start, will she need a specialist hairdresser and are they very expensive?

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Anybody got any tips for back ache? I've never had it before and I thought it just " went " I didn't do anything in particular, it just HURTS! Help.

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Can anybody recommend a good optician?

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Yet again! Whenever I have the misfortune to hear news from England it just seems to get worse, bird flu, politics, the weather ( I know that's very shallow but I'm having a rant ) thank the Lord we're about 10 years ( ish ) behind here.

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It's more a question of get fit at the moment. I've embarked on a no-smoking thing and realise that it should be combined with a whole load of other things, unfortunately that would include exercise. Be gentle with me! Suggestions appreciated.

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I've heard on the grapevine ( from friends and family in the UK ) that vCJD has reared it's ugly head again. Have any cases ever occurred here or is it the usual scaremongering?

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I'm a great believer in alternative treatments, apart from organic food shops I've found little in the way of herbal remedies, can anybody point me in the right direction?

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Is there a bug going round, because everybody I see seems to suffering with something or other, but mostly sore throats and chest complaints.

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I have an American friend recently arrived in Madrid and she's a little uncomfortable going to a Spanish hairdresser ( although I've told her there is no problem ). Does anybody know an English one?

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Can anybody recommend a good ( ie cheap, kind and painless ) Dentist.

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