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Hi,I know this may sound silly but we've been having trouble locating our usual euthymol toothpaste since we've been in Madrid and I found this https://www.chemistdirect.co.uk They deliver to Europe for about £7.50 so we've stocked up on that and a few other items that we can't find here. I just wanted to share the link in case anyone else can't find the usual toiletries they want here in Madrid.

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Hi, does anyone know where i can get a decent spray tan in Madrid?

started by: marion-174064 · last update: 1369124067 · posted: 1363805556

Does anybody know where i can find hairdressers school or some beutician courses(like make up,nails...)but only in central Madrid

started by: georgem-173753 · last update: 1367757868 · posted: 1366549932

Looking for a solution for my blisters. I run every morning so i cannot let them heal naturally. I just wear two pairs of socks! Any advice appreciated.

started by: onions-175624 · last update: 1367691812 · posted: 1366550087

I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. I will listen and try anything but i am in great pain with Haemorrhoids. Please if you can help i would very much appreciate it.

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With my recent move to Spain I find that I am having trouble sleeping. Does anyone have any ideas on ways to combat this? Does anyone suffer from the same problem?

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Good Morning i am looking for an english speaking Avon lady, i am in need of a few things and i have seen an Avon magazine around and i rang and she only speaks Spanish. Thank you.

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How important is stretching and how long and when should you do it? Before exercices, in the morning?

started by: dannyw-160641 · last update: 1366801143 · posted: 1352362775

I have been getting sore Achilies in the morning and after i rest for long periods, any advice to solve this would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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English speaking Dentist needed asap in the centre of Madrid

started by: baggygreens · last update: 1364984201 · posted: 1360693554

Family doctor required who can make house calls in Madrid city.

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I am trying to find information on where I can get travel vaccinations from and also the general cost.I am going to South East Asia, so need things like typhoid etc.

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Can you recommend a English speaking therapist? Thx

started by: marion-174064 · last update: 1364285525 · posted: 1362224938

Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone can help me. Does anyone know of a shop in Madrid which stocks JASON cosmetics, the American natural cosmetics range? I just wondered if anyone knew. Otherwise, I shall e-mail the company. Thanks!

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I need an English speaking counsellor particularly experienced in families relocating abrad.

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Where can I find someone that does threading?

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I have a lot of dry skin but when I use moisturisers it make is flare up. Do you know of a natural cream or a store that stocks organic medicine.

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Started suffering really bad indegestion- what can I buy here that is similar to gavisgon?

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Does anyone know of one in english??? last resort in spanish?? we are a bunch of mothers who would like to learn the basics plus with CPR etc..for our babies and children, its doesnt have to ben an official course, if theres anyone medical whose learnt and could give us advice on what to do would be great and show us. there would be lots of us so definitly would be paid well.

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I have just moved and need an English Speaking dentist asap, I am close to Prosperidad Metro

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