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I am in desperate need to lose some weight. are there clubs here like weight watchers ? Tried the tablets and quick diets but it always seems to go back on. Any help would be appreciated.

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Looking for a nice spa hotel to book for one night for my girlfriend's birthday next Saturday.

started by: kathy-173716 · last update: 1358355983 · posted: 1357476255

I think i need to see a counsellor.Nothing too serious but i need to sort a few things out. Does anyone know a Counsellor/therapist in Madrid?

started by: marion-174064 · last update: 1358324479 · posted: 1357476311

is there an association in spain that supports families whose children have eczema?

started by: danold-246489 · last update: 1358260918 · posted: 1357476483

Hello,I will be moving to Spain next week (an unexpected move) and am trying to find out if you can get prenatal vitamins over the counter at pharmacies in Madrid? we are going to try to start a family around August of this year and I need to start taking prenatal vitamins pretty much as soon as I arrive. I am currently researching to get on health insurance that will cover me in Spain but am hoping I don't need to find a dr. and have an appointment and all that just to get the vitamins. Also, I am only learning Spanish and fear this could also cause a problem when trying to get them at a pharmacy. Any insight and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!

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I would like to know where I can go for HIV testing in the city. Can I have blood tests done at my GP's or do I need to go to a special family planning centre?

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Dear all,My family is moving to Pozuelo de Alarcon in November and I would like to kindly ask you if you could give us any recommendations for an English speaking GP,paediatrician and gynaecologist in this area.Thank you very much in advance!Best regards,Jelena Kostic

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After the summer and wearing sandals for months I have started to notice that the skin on my feet is  thickening up. Does anyone have a good chiropodist to recommend to me?

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I am a couple of months pregnant and starting to panic about having my secong baby outside of the UK! Is there any advice or help anyone can offer who knows a bit more about what goes on over here?

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I have been told by the doc that my choletral is high. Any tips for reducing it? All advice welcome.thx

started by: kattroy · last update: 1351524462 · posted: 1350738166

Hello, I am trying to find a genreral doctor to get some prescriptions filled. I am wondering the cost and any reccomendations. Thanks.

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I want to treat myself to a spa day, any recommendations will be apreciated?

started by: nuttygirl-173792 · last update: 1350378842 · posted: 1349438872

Since the summer I have had really bad dry skin and the normal moisturiers don't seem to have any affect. Any ideas?

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I have problem feet and have been recommemed MBT shoes. Do you know anything about them?

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Does hay fever exist in Madrid ? If so when is the season ?

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My son has got some skin joining some parts of his toes together. Not much but enough to worry me. The doctor, who is Spanish and does not have much English, says it is ok and will go. Have you any advice on this?

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Has anyone had experience of using a therapist, if so any feedback wlcome.

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Desperately need a check. As my Spanish is poor and I do not want to get ripped off I keep putting it off! Do you know a reasonably priced English speaking dentist?

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HelloI have been thinking of taking out medical insurance.Is it necessary ?Which is the best one ?Any experiences ?

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I have recently been getting a sharp pain in the heal of my foot like I have trod on a nail! Very painful. Have you any idea what this could be?

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