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I have recently been getting a sharp pain in the heal of my foot like I have trod on a nail! Very painful. Have you any idea what this could be?

started by: jamesmack01-177047 · last update: 1347024265 · posted: 1346084958

Hey im New to madrid and used to live in majorca where we could get a sports card for use of gyms and swimming pools which used to cost about 60 euros a year. Is their something similar in madrid?

started by: baggygreens · last update: 1346064450 · posted: 1345017997

Any tips for sunburn? Got caught on my shoulders yesterday and it hurts.

started by: isla-173986 · last update: 1345742314 · posted: 1344071946

I think I need my eye's tested, can you recommend the best place to go that speak English.

started by: foxy-175521 · last update: 1345655146 · posted: 1344439712

I have had the dreaded news that my daughter will need braces and I know that they are expensive. Have you had any experience of the cost or procedure of having them done in Spain or could I go to the UK and get them done on the NHS. Help !

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Hi Guy's. looking for a health club with gym,pool etc Just put my swim suit on and not so 'Foxy'

started by: Anthony-172983 · last update: 1343145268 · posted: 1244198653

My wisdom teeth are killing me and the pain is becoming unbearable. Can anyone recommend a dentist or help me find one?Alternatively, anyone got any home remedies - aside from tranquillisers!

started by: crumble-175469 · last update: 1343145183 · posted: 1327400883

Hey, Looking for a good, cheap English speaking Dentist in Madrid. Thanks in advance.

started by: holiday-170060 · last update: 1343142613 · posted: 1198065625

I am looking for an English speaking dentist in Central Madrid, any recommendations please.

started by: dannyw-173721 · last update: 1341829426 · posted: 1341741869

I need to locate an English speaking Doctor as close to the centre of Madrid as possible.

started by: cutie4law-174124 · last update: 1339852726 · posted: 1338373889

Now that the summer's here I'm looking to start back playing tennis and am having difficulty finding someone at my level. I'd say I'm between amateur and intermediate....can't do fancy shots but should be able to have a bit of a rally. To play on the weekends. Get in touch! Nic

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Free psychotherapy, 4 sessions / till 15 JulyYou can enjoy a free psychotherapy with an experienced therapist (over 20 years of experience).It will help you to solve problems and feel more secure, integrated and relieved. Reference model: Tavistock clinic.Why? Because I have been living in Germany, America, and other countries and I want to improve my linguistic and communication skillsCall me: Alejandro Jiliberto: 915915741 / 65562104Email me: alex@nexops.eswww.nexo-psicosalud.esMetro Quevedo - city center

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I've started waking up frequently in the night, and most annoyingly at about 4am, when i can't get back to sleep again. How can I beat this and stop it turning into a cycle?

started by: isla-173986 · last update: 1331736291 · posted: 1331310810

I have been getting a dull pain in my wrists and hands. Has anyone experienced anything like this ?

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Do you know of a clinic specialising in reproduction ?

started by: Lemon-175098 · last update: 1326738965 · posted: 1326361125

I need to get back in shape after the Xmas festivities. Any advice on gyms ?

started by: dannyw-173721 · last update: 1323871462 · posted: 1322935432

Can you recommend a good English speaking physiotherapist ?

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Cholesterol test, where can I get one ?

started by: candy-175405 · last update: 1323159645 · posted: 1322684374

How and Where ? Any advice welcome, thanks in advance. C

started by: Carrie-175662 · last update: 1320049645 · posted: 1318322018

My achilles is very very sore, what can I do ?

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