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Hi all, What is the difference between laser and scalpel & stitches removal… less scaring? I would be grateful if you could email me the names of some good dermatologists to have my moles examined/removed. Do I need to visit my GP to get a referral beforehand? I’m in Madrid but I would be willing to travel…! Many thanks

started by: mongoose-174315 · last update: 1317746278 · posted: 1316689717

looking to get fit and shed a few pounds !pilates, yoga , running, swimming or other ?

started by: Amae · last update: 1316707760 · posted: 1315412595

I need an English speaking family doctor. Any suggestions appreciated.

started by: buddy-175470 · last update: 1315159541 · posted: 1314695475

Does anyone know of any alcoholics anon meeting around Madrid in english??

started by: dannyw-173721 · last update: 1315076933 · posted: 1314533966

Have you got any solutions other than the obvious, aftersun etc

started by: Rose-175161 · last update: 1314380548 · posted: 1313000313

I have a very sore gum in the gap where I have a tooth missing, Have yoiu had this ?

started by: crumble-175469 · last update: 1313880677 · posted: 1311963771

Hi, I need a Dentist located near the Historic area. Thanks in advance.

started by: baggygreens · last update: 1312632337 · posted: 1311678036

Is it necessary to have private healthcare in Madrid ?

started by: mongoose-174315 · last update: 1310917399 · posted: 1280065006

Anybody got any tips for back ache? I've never had it before and I thought it just " went " I didn't do anything in particular, it just HURTS!

started by: turnip-175620 · last update: 1310555194 · posted: 1309869328

My son keeps getting ear infections and the Dr just keeps the antibiotics coming ! Is that ok and 4 infections already this year ??

started by: nelson-173759 · last update: 1308060835 · posted: 1306916217

I think I have tore a knee legament. How would I know for sure ?

started by: onions-175624 · last update: 1307878956 · posted: 1306095239

Keep having skin peeling from my feet...does anyone know what this could be or how it could be treated

started by: dannyw-173721 · last update: 1306507037 · posted: 1252779671

There does not seem to be any slimmimg clubs in Madrid and i was thinking of starting a club. Good idea? Would you join ?

started by: apple-174531 · last update: 1305461654 · posted: 1304168726

Where can I find a chemist open 24 hours a day?

started by: choco-174076 · last update: 1304448237 · posted: 1303235326

Has anyone seen these here? They are a clear sticky patch that you put on top of cold sores to help them heal. They are amazing because you can cover it with make up.I bought them when I was on holiday to France and can't find them anywhere here

started by: sarahinmadrid · last update: 1304346863 · posted: 1293459910

Hello, Can anyone please recommend a good English speaking Traumatologist in Madrid (specialist in muscles, tendonitis etc.)? My current one isn't very helpful at all and I really need a second opinion. Their English doesn't need to be perfect!Happy Christmas and New Year! Thanks!

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I have really bad blisters. Any views on the best way to treat them ?

started by: onions-175624 · last update: 1303243442 · posted: 1301464109

Looking for a Non Perfume Moisturiser

started by: candy-175405 · last update: 1303138376 · posted: 1301594420

Where to you get care during pregnancy in Madrid ?

started by: wilberforce-173652 · last update: 1303081683 · posted: 1302710335

Are there ways to lessen the damage ?

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