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I have been getting red skin around my nose and on my forehead and it is very dry. It is especially bad after swimming or contact with water. Have you had this is or know what it could be ?

started by: apple-174531 · last update: 1299860971 · posted: 1298815125

Looking for a nice gym & spa in central Madrid, any recommendations ?

started by: tonyR-175475 · last update: 1299170158 · posted: 1298138228

i'd like to find someone who has a nice gentle touch & who does fantastic relaxing facials in Madrid- some where cental would be perfect if you have experienced someone great- please email me there name & number so i can make a appoinment for my wife.

started by: tonyR-175475 · last update: 1296233597 · posted: 1294857325

Can you help ? Personal recommendations only please. Thanks in advance.

started by: tonyR-175475 · last update: 1295105045 · posted: 1294919795

Looking for a company that speaks English & all the Doc's etc are in English.Thanks in advance.

started by: candy-175405 · last update: 1295088723 · posted: 1294246183

Hey, I am looking for an English speaking Gynaecologist, preferable a woman.

started by: georgem-173753 · last update: 1293459462 · posted: 1293124375

Looking for a new Dentist. Recommendations appreciated. Merry Xmas.

started by: isla-173986 · last update: 1289578632 · posted: 1289292470

After witnessing an incident yesterday which luckily had a happy ending it has prompted me to do a first aid course. Has anyone been on one recently that they could recommend?

started by: Chelly · last update: 1287189860 · posted: 1287158213

Hi guys Does anyone know where and if you can buy blood glucose tester kits and sticks here in Madrid, not sure if its poss or not, and do i need to go to a large chemist. thanks

started by: bocca-174891 · last update: 1285604643 · posted: 1285272516

Can you recommend a good English speaking dentist ?

started by: apple-174531 · last update: 1281625628 · posted: 1270902795

Looking for a good english speaking counsellor. Any recommendations much appreciated.

started by: Chrissie-174228 · last update: 1279923974 · posted: 1279788047

I went to donate blood yesterday, which is something that I have done on a regular basis in the UK. It was my first time doing it in Spain so I was a touch apprehensive. Imagine my shock when, after learning I was English, they turned me away!!! Why did they do that????????? I don't want to leap to an conclusions, but it did upset me at the time and my mind was racing a bit. Can anyone shed any light????

started by: Gemma-169807 · last update: 1278507175 · posted: 1178793289

I am having real problems with mosquitos at the moment. For some reason I seem to attract them and whenever I get bitten the bites swell up and are quite painful. Do you have any advice on how to get rid of them? Gem

started by: JeanR-174892 · last update: 1278185535 · posted: 1277602338

Hello: My husband and I have a chance to move to Madrid, but would like to know if there are many health food stores in town. Also, can a person get things like herbs and vitamins readily? I see a couple of people listed, but it doesn't look like much for a city the size of Madrid. Can anyone tell me?

started by: josh-174043 · last update: 1274961711 · posted: 1273604757

Hey, Having a nightmare with ! Tired, on edge, headache etc. Can you recommend anything ?

started by: dannyw-173721 · last update: 1274800267 · posted: 1272746767

Has anyone got any tips/advice on how to keep cool ? It will soon be extremely hot and i have tried everything in the past.

started by: meatballs-174746 · last update: 1274708376 · posted: 1274437548

I have had problems adapting to living in Madrid and wanted to see a counsellor. Can you recommend one or have you had similar issues ?

started by: Partridge · last update: 1273580688 · posted: 1271775615

Does anyone have any methods to stop mosquitos biting? Want to go on holiday where they are prevalent but worry they're going to eat me alive!

started by: mongoose-174315 · last update: 1273421519 · posted: 1264195497

Hey, I am in search of an English speaking Doctor. Any recommendations ?

started by: casper-169368 · last update: 1273319386 · posted: 1161635702

Any really good advice on quitting for good.Don't tell me determination and I must really want to. I need a support group! Somebody else to swear at other than my poor long suffering, non smoking partner.

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