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I've had flu like symptoms since Friday. These pretty much cleared up on Tuesday yet were replaced by complete lethargy, splitting headache and diarrhoea. Today I've managed to shake the lethargy and the headache but the diarrhoea remains.Is there something going around at the moment? If anyone's had this, how long does it last!?

started by: georgem-173753 · last update: 1271459903 · posted: 1270407788

I have been getting pains in both my hands. It is not a sharp pain more of a ache. Has anyone experienced this. ? Should i see a doctor ? It seems a little trivial for that.

started by: Partridge · last update: 1270545928 · posted: 1269261333

This morning on the radio (Talk Radio Europe - http://www.talkradioeurope.com/ - if you're interested) they were talking, albeit briefly, about a study that has just been completed in the UK on air pollution. Apparently it's been found that the poor quality air that we breathe is a worse killer than obesity and traffic accidents, with over 50,000 people a year dying prematurely because of the air that they breathe!Food for thought, especially when you see that lovely smog cloud hanging over the city as you drive towards it from the east..."It's very ''Aqua''... which is French for water..."

started by: wilberforce-173652 · last update: 1270296890 · posted: 1266146099

I need to sort out my back once and for all. I need a good English speaking chiropractor. Any suggestions ?

started by: dannyw-173721 · last update: 1269348018 · posted: 1267369831

Hi, My wife is lossing her hair and she is just 40. Has anyone experienced this or heard of it before ?

started by: dannyw-173721 · last update: 1268814024 · posted: 1268480559

I nee a new dentist as soon as possible. Personal recommendations only please .

started by: wilberforce-173652 · last update: 1268057139 · posted: 1261158153

Now the weather has really and truly turned my arthritis has started to play up. Are there any remedies out there or any medicines or forms of relief that the locals use ?

started by: Partridge · last update: 1267178552 · posted: 1266942808

What is the best for tanning? Bit early in the year I know, but would like to stock up before summer. Oh, and where can you get it from without being ripped off?

started by: mongoose-174315 · last update: 1266663332 · posted: 1265743102

Can too much running be bad for your joints. I run about 4 miles three times a week and recently i have been getting pains in my knees & ankles

started by: D&R-170420 · last update: 1266329711 · posted: 1261480442

Can anyone recommend a place to go get my eyes tested? I've broken my glasses and my last prescription ran out 4 years ago! GlassesDirect won't process my order without an up-to-date prescription.

started by: The gov-174063 · last update: 1265994479 · posted: 1257692402

Hello, I think i have an in growing toe nail. How do i know for sure and what can i do ?

started by: Fringe · last update: 1263926134 · posted: 1262616059

Has anyone experienced this?Is it painful? expensive? risky?I want to get my eyes corrected but am quite frightened about the whole idea of them lasering my eyes.Any advice welcome.

started by: wilberforce-173652 · last update: 1263815102 · posted: 1263733874

I think i need to see a counsellor.Nothing too serious but i need to sort a few things out. Does anyone know a Counsellor/therapist in Madrid ?

started by: Chelly · last update: 1262878230 · posted: 1231247266

Hello Can anyone tell me if they know if there is any support available for Anxiety sufferers in Madrid and surroundind area, for example support groups or relaxation classes. Any help much aprreciated thanks Chelly xChelly

started by: dannyw-173721 · last update: 1262715871 · posted: 1253371099

Hey, I have recently had a lot of pain in my joints especially my knees. Can anyone recommend anything to help both medical and physical.

started by: josh-174043 · last update: 1261908935 · posted: 1258900990

Hi, I have private medical care which is great but costly.But on top of that the prescriptions also seem so expensive. Is it cheaper if you go to the normal GP. I am registered for health care(cap) but prefer to go private.

started by: wilberforce-173652 · last update: 1261421666 · posted: 1261257318

I need an English speaking Dentist, Any recommendations ?

started by: orangiey · last update: 1260863184 · posted: 1260282079

Just been looking online for Pharmacy products as the choice here is limited (and my daughter hates the taste of it all) !! Found a good site in the UK which deliver to Spainhttp://www.chemistdirect.co.uk/Also google Pharmacy onlne UK for othersHope that helps with the cough and cold season upon us!!orangiey

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I have a boil in an embarrassing place.I am very worried by also scared and embarresed to go to the doctor. Is this common ?

started by: orangiey · last update: 1257425575 · posted: 1257345168

Hia bit prsonal I know, but I need/want an iud fitted, any expereince advice to where and cost?thanks

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