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Hi can you recommend a good english speaking beauticians. I need to treat my wife and want to surprise her !

started by: Abelinda-170419 · last update: 1255512438 · posted: 1255039943

I have irritable bowl and a bad back. What I'm after is an acupuncturist and also a masseus (spelling?!).Anybody know or can recommend one?

started by: babigirl_87 · last update: 1254351190 · posted: 1254331826

Hey I am looking for one of the best hairdressers that specialise in black womens hair in Madrid. I want one that is able to do a range of things and is pretty well established. Please get back to me if you know anything

started by: wilberforce-173652 · last update: 1254155463 · posted: 1253474976

I have just been to try to collect my health card. I registered at the local medical centre some months ago, they gave me some forms and told me to take them to another place in Sabadell (my local administrative area). I was only able to go this week, as I work and could not afford to take time off to go there. After being directed initially to the wrong place, we eventually found the right place, where they gave me another document, and said that I would not get a card but must use this document. I understood everyone has a card. I am fully resident here. Has anyone else had any experience of this?

started by: Eggy-170423 · last update: 1254132836 · posted: 1253609010

I'm thinking of buying one of those vibration machines that you stand on. It's supposed to tense and relax the muscles I think thus strengthening them. Seen them advertised on the television but they want €800.I think that's too steep and was wondering where else I may be able to find them. Any one seen them about?Thanks in advance

started by: Chelly · last update: 1253445507 · posted: 1239815988

Hello Can anyone recomend an English or English speaking hairdresser in the Alcobendas region,,,i have tried a couple of Spanish hairdressers but upto now it wasn´t really a success.... many thanks

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I went to pick up a friend from Madrid airport a couple of days ago and there were quite a lot of people coming in with masks. Apparently a flight had just landed fom Mexico City. Are there checks for people flying in or do they just let you off the plane and you go off with no controls whatsoever? I saw that there over 50 cases of flu now in Spain

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I have burnt my nose quite severely. It is very sore and blisters have started to form. What do i do ?

started by: Golley-172842 · last update: 1251396146 · posted: 1250455345

Thinking of going for short, brisk walks in the Retiro Park either mornings or evenings. Would love some company and maybe a chat and coffee at some terraza after. If you´re interested in walking, please contact me

started by: wilberforce-173652 · last update: 1250935667 · posted: 1249677589

Hello Are there any good Gym's in Madrid ? I need to get in shape. My swimming trunks do not look quite right !

started by: Abelinda-170419 · last update: 1239718174 · posted: 1239462057

My friend has asked me to go with an acquaintance to the doctors to translate for her them as they don't speak much Spanish. Problem is, I don't know what's wrong with them and I'm very rusty on my medical terms. I don't want to take a dictionary with me as that wouldn't look very good!Does anyone know of a list of terms in Spanish and English available on-line, just so I'm prepared?Thanks in advance...Abelindaxxx

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Channel 4 in the UK are making a documentary, whereby they seek to explore the different experiences of dialysis patients waiting for kidney transplants in three different European countries. We will be following one patient in the UK, with whom we have already spoken, and are looking for two other British patients in two other EU countries.We are interested in raising many of the issues that affect people who wait for organ transplants, not least of which is legislation. We are looking to explore these issues among many others in this documentary, which recounts these human stories.If you are a British ex pat living in any EU country and are on the waiting list for a kidney transplant, please contact Melissa on 0044 207422 8253 or email her on mariab@fftv.co.uk. We'll call you right back!

started by: Eggy-170423 · last update: 1233244111 · posted: 1233184913

Does anyone know of an English speaking dentist!?Eggy

started by: Jack&Jill · last update: 1232819240 · posted: 1231757504

Everyone seems to have it at the moment, including my husband and a couple of the kids. What are the best ways of dealing with it and how can I avoid getting it myself?

started by: Gemma-169807 · last update: 1232014077 · posted: 1231332780

I suffer from freezing cold hands and feet, which the cold weather is helping. Short of wearing gloves on my hands permanently, is there anything I can do about it?Gem

started by: muffin-169352 · last update: 1230928757 · posted: 1230899183

I need to find a dentist quite quickly.. I would prefer an English speaking one if anyone can recommend one to me. Thanks

started by: six6six · last update: 1224841174 · posted: 1224755052

I am looking for an English speaking dentist that can be recommended please, one that understands nervous patients.

started by: Tilly-169945 · last update: 1222075229 · posted: 1218626655

A friend of mine is raving about this and I would be interested in learning more about it. Are there any books / dvds / groups that mums or dads out there could suggest?

started by: pinkpound · last update: 1221128735 · posted: 1220696492

I have had an ongoing ear infection this summer which is still there. I have been swimming a lot this year could this be the cause as friends suggest

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Hi, I am looking for a hairdresser (or salon) that uses "natural" colours ie like the make Herbatint etc, any suggestions ? Many thanks, Fiona G

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