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A little early perhaps, but it always helps to be prepared when it comes to Christmas. Where and when would we be able to get hold of a real Christmas tree?

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Hi, hope everybody is doing well. I run a small boutique. I am a divorcee and my brother, helps me run this shop. Next week, we are going out of state for a family function. I am a little bit tensed about my shop since we will be out of town for 3 weeks. Last week, we heard of a burglary in a nearby shop. My brother suggested me to install a CCTV in our shop. I am not familiar with such systems and don’t know how it will help in securing my boutique. I was referring some articles and found one blog http://www.fire-monitoring.com/cctv-can-protect-retailers-shoplifters-holidays/ which says CCTVs can protect shops during holidays. I am confused about whether to choose a wired or wireless system and would like to get some advice on choosing one which can be easily installed. Is it possible to monitor my shop through a smart phone? Help me with suggestions.

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I'd like to try growing some veggies in my garden for the first time. Can anyone recommend something easy to grow in our climate? Thanks for your suggestions.

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I wonder if there is a municipal collection of cooking oil? I am fed up of cpouring it down the sink, it feels like a small act of eco-terrorism! Any ideas please?

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Any companies providing that service in Madrid?

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I've live here a few years now but this year seems to be the coldest I've know for some reason. I know the outside temperature is higher than usual but my apartment seems much colder. Any ideas as I'm at a loss.

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Where can I buy a screen that transforms a bath into a shower please?

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Can anyone advise me of th best deals on internet in the home please. I don't have the capacity for fibre but I need a good cost to speed ratio.

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Is there such a thing as insulated wallpaper? Or failing that, a wall covering that can be papered over?

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Hello! Does any one know of a professional oven cleaning service in Madrid, please?  I had seen an advertisement on Angloinfo in the past, but now I am unable to find it.   Thank you, Katie

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What does one need to remember to do when moving flats in Madrid?

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Does anyone know of a sun sail / shade installer anywhere in the city please?

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Hi all!  I am moving on Sunday and can't bring all with me, so please, take a look at this link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/90513571@N05/albums and contact me if you have any interest by mail or phone: danifelletti@yahoo.com.br 635661123 Cheers!

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Moving back to the States and selling everything. If you would like photos, or more details of any of the following please email me at  sheila.bonar@gmail.com.These are the original prices in euros and will negotiate.Fridge dishwasher and washing machine available 3rd week of June to pick up. All others available now.  washer-only 1 year old original 600. sell for 480 dishwasher-1 year old original 600 sell for 480 fridge original 550, sell for 200 Will sell fridge, washing machine and dishwaher together for 1000 all stainless steel.   brown canape for a matrimonio original 350, sell for 150 ikea brown rocking chair original 175 sell for 100 extendable dining-room table original 600, sell for 275 High Ikea kitchen table, white,  with 3 bar stool includes, original 245, sell for 140 Bathroom mirror, matching cabinet,original 125, sell for 75 Kids furniture Ikea 2 white dressers, original 80 each sell for 45 each or both for 80.  Ikea kids black board will sell for  5 euros,  variety of shelves, picture frames, kitchen appliances, toys    

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Has anyone changed? Is it easy and did you save any money?

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Can you pay you Endesa bills online or do you have to set up a direct debit?

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Anyone know where I may purchase a pair of bellows in Madrid?

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Hi all,Bit of a strange question, but you never know!I am trying to find somewhere that will cut me a specific sized piece of wood (about 2.5m long by 0.75m wide, so quite large) for making a table with. Nothing fancy, just a solid lump of wood (beech probably) that I can bolt 4-6 legs onto .. the sort of thing you find cheap in IKEA, but a bit bigger than anything they currently offer. The most important part though is that I want it delivered to my address in Madrid as I don't have access to transport here, certainly not for a lump of wood this size at least.Leroy Merlin is the most obvious choice it seems, and they do appear to offer a selection of solid woods that they will cut to size. The only problem is that you have to go there and get it yourself as they have no delivery option. Does anyone happen to know anywhere that I can try for this? If I was in England, I'd pop-off down to B&Q and have it done within 15 minutes, but unfortunately I don't have that luxury here and it's turning into a bit of a logistical nightmare!!I appreciate any help,Cheers, James 

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Hi can anyone advise me of a friendly slate quarry where I can buy natural roofing slate.  Thanks in Advance Michele

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Is there a way of wiring the house up so that I can get the picture from my satellite box on the bedroom as well as the living room one?

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