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my husband and I are looking for a nice cottage in the country to rent for a week in may. Does anyone have a recommendation to share with us? Shouldn't be more than and hour's drive from central madrid. Thanks!

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We're an Anglo-American couple who began our European travels on 16 May. Thus far, we've spent time in Hay-on-Wye, Wales (during the Hay literary festival), Lille, Paris, Fontainebleau and Vichy, the latter having been a two-month stay at a lovely campsite just outside of town, in Abrest. We're traveling in the spirit of Lao Tzu's suggestion that, "A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving". In other words, we're traveling without set destination, timetable or return date. That said, we would like to continue our travels through France and onwards to Spain, Italy, Greece and Turkey. We're also documenting our travels via our respective websites (http://MindfulLivingGuide.com and http://MufidahKassalias.com). Mufidah also maintains a separate website for her Mac Made Easy tuition services (http://MacMadeEasy.biz). To help us to continue traveling on a shoestring, we're looking for: 1) house/pet sitting and 2) work opportunities, anywhere in France, particularly enroute between Vichy/Auvergne and Burgos/Spain. We both have countless professional and vocational skills which can quickly be gleaned via our respective websites. And we're both good cooks, enjoy traveling to new places, meeting new folk, learning languages, etc. If you can offer any such opportunities as noted above — or know someone who might be interested — we'd greatly appreciate your contacting us by replying to this discussion topic. THANK YOU in advance for your help. With warm regards, Sean & Mufidah

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Hi, My boss is being relocated to Barcelona and was hoping to continue schooling her kids at a British school. They currently go to Brains in Madrid - can anyone recommend a similar school in or near to Barcelona? Thank you!

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I shall be walking from my current home in the French Pyrenees, to the house where I was born, in Blackpool, Lancashire. I plan to take 70 days for the walk and to arrive 70 years, to the day, after I was born. I will be walking an average of 30 kms a day, 6 days a week, for 10 weeks. If anybody wants to follow my planning, preparations, training, and eventually the walk itself (starts on May 15th 2010) my blog address is: www.vicsbigwalk.blogspot.com Any helpful suggestions will be gratefully received. Vic Heaney

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America votes today. Who do people think will win and how will it effect things in Europe?

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Anybody got any good solutions for insomnia ? Natural cures preferred.

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Has anybody heard about the incident on a BA flight? What on earth is happening to the world! Apparently, a lady had died on a flight from India, so the cabin crew took her out of the second class cabin and stuck her on the end of a row in first class, some poor chap woke from his nap at the other end of the row to discover a dead body and her family in mourning! Surely, they could have treated her with a little more dignity.

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I hope those of us who are lucky (?) enough to have access to British tv are doing their bit for Rednose Day. We should remember how lucky we are and try to do our bit.

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Thank goodness I live here! I've had the misfortune of reading just the headlines in a major British newspaper. Can't anybody behave properly?

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How sad to hear about Charlie Drake, why does it always seem that there is always somebody famous dies at Christmas, or is it just that we notice it more?

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Why don't they sing the national anthems at cricket matches?

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Is anybody else really fed up with hearing inquest results and other allegations about Princess Diana. Let it rest!

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