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Anybody got any good solutions for insomnia ? Natural cures preferred.

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casper-169368 1173953859

Ovaltine ( if you can find it ) and a teddy bear, comfy jimjams and a not too hot bedroom.

munch-169339 1173973241

Getting a bit warm for Ovaltine, my biggest problem is in the heat of the summer, so I take a spray that I use to water plants to bed with me and spray my feet which seems to cool everything down.

dodie-169345 1174304089

If it is caused by stress you try magnesium, ( ask your chemist for something containing that and vitamin B6 ) It really does help, and it's natural.

flak-169821 1187704695

i´m interested to know if you found a solution to your sleepless ness and if you did what helped.

yumyum-169925 1188308233

I drink a cup of camomile tea, chilled in summer. Also put lavender oil on my pillow, you can get lavender pillows too. I find this very helpful when I cannot sleep.

pingpong-169973 1190985254

I use meditation. I play a guided meditation CD. I very rarely hear the end of it.

six6six 1191232891

There is nothing to beat a double whisky, half an hour before bedtime.

edison-169879 1191488896

I prefer a double brandy myself, seriously, even doctors will reccommend a night cap to help people get off to sleep.

mummy-170002 1197716344

After years of poor sleep and think i have the cure, for me atleast. I now have a latex mattress and merino wool bed covers and pillows. BLISS

solo-170643 1212311437

Hey Munch

Hows the insomnia, did you find a cure?

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