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I have the most gorgeous 4 year old Labrador/Retriever Mix. His name is Richo. I am looking to find him a BITCH to mate with for puppies. Does anyone have advice on how I can achieve my goals?

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Hi, Looking for a bit of advice here. Our cat is being continually sick after eating. W'e changed his food, but he still is vomiting it up.

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Hi everyone, we have just adopted a very intelligent 2 year old labrador and I would like to find him an agility class to keep his brain active. Any ideas? It doesn't need to be in English as I understand Spanish and so does he (!)

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We have recently taken on a 10 year old Afridan grey parrot who has had a tough life before coming to us. We would like to find a behaviouralist specialising in this type of bird to give us a hand with him. Any suggestions please?

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I am looking for a realiable cat lover to take care of my cat at my appartment for a week in March. I'd ideally like someone who has experience with cats. Thanks in advance.

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in the UK we had a couple of ex guide dogs for the blind who came to live out their lives with us as pets. Does anyone know who I can contact here in Spain to do the same thing?

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I'd like to have a couple of stray cats I have been feeding, sterilised. Does anyone know of a good vet offering discounts for animal charities I could get in touch with?

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Hi all,   I just moved to Madrid where I am stablishing my dog training company, after moving from Egypt where I have been working for more than 3 years as dog trainer on obedience, behavior modification, puppy training, protection and detection and kennel master. I speak Italian, Dutch and English. I am starting from scratch here so any advice from any other expat would be very appreciated. If anyone is interested in my services, please do not hesitate to contact me at baltk9center@gmail.com   Happy New Year!

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My car has started to scratch quite frequently and when I clean her ears, a yellow / green goo comes out. Anyone had that before?

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Is there a cat boarding place in the northern Madrid area?

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urgently at the beginning of September... Is anyone out there willing to travel back with me with my small shih tzu to Portugal ? He is fully legal, vaccines everything .... Thank you so much for reading this and if so kindly please email me on friends.4life365@hotmail.com Thank you everyone !!!

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Are there lots of suburban foxes in Madrid? Anyone know if they are a known and recognised problem?

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My cat has got a very black inner ear and seems to have a moist yet encrusted black lump of ear wax stuck to the hair under her ear where it drains.  The other ear is perfectly fine. Anyone know what this might be?

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On 20th October, all day, there's a festival for and about abandoned pets needing homes. There's a bouncy castle, puppet show, dog-disco-dancing, agility, an introduction to pets-as-therapy, presentation of some dogs seeking homes and their stories. I think Galgos 112 will be there and La Voz Animal will be. It looks fun and a good thing to support. You can see the poster here: http://www.lavozanimal.com/images/Cartel%20festival%20perrigatos.jpghttp://www.lavozanimal.com/images/Cartel%20festival%20perrigatos.jpg  

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It always breaks my heart at this time of year to see and hear of so many animals being abandonned, so I've decided to offer my services in the new year to a local animal shelter. The trick is finding one... any ideas?

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I'm in Sevilla, but am an enthusiastic supporter of La Voz Animal in Parla, Madrid http://www.lavozanimal.com/  as well as other animal charities. I'm writing this because, as the economic recession continues, more animals are abandoned and fewer people can afford to donate or help; the shelter desperately needs bread. Here is the appeal: http://tinyurl.com/9q2zf69 and here it is in Englsih: Hallo and thank you for reading. We're stretched to our limits in every way; I'm trying everything I know to keep the cats and dogs and farm animals fed and cared for until the situation improves, but we don't know how long this can last. I'm asking you all to help if you can, in whatever way you can, and  with each giving a little, together we'll get through this.The contact who has been contributing 80% of the dry bread we used no longer works at a bakery, so we only have 20% of what we need. Cereals are fundamental in the diet of herbivore farm animals and dry bread covered 50% of their diet. We need as many people as possible to save their dry bread or ask their local bakery to contribute the stale bread, and deliver it to us when you visit. We cannot permit the animals to go hungry because of this situation. The economic situation is very grave and it's more and more difficult to pay for the feed for the cats and dogs, more and more difficult to get donations and we are running out of money to pay for all they need. If you can help at all, we'll be eternally grateful. Thank you very much indeed.   Beatriz Menchén It's a wonderful association. They used to have the place they use now, for the rescued farm animals, and they had a contract to run the local perrera (pound) which of course they ran quite differently from the usual, with a total no-kill policy and love and fun and good care for all the animals - including a pig! However, the Mayor has chucked them out in order to give the contract to a an international company Athisa, that specialises in pest control and will kill the animals that are classified as possibly dangerous (several breeds of dog, for instance) or unhealthy or if they aren't adopted quickly - in other words, abandoned animals are pests. When they go to collecta lost dog, it travels in the same van as the rat poison and corpses.. ..D'you smell the familiar scent  of corruption? D'you hear the clink of money changing hands? Lots of the members did a huge lock-in to protest, it was on television at least twice and we all petitioned, but to no avail - the dogs and cats have had to be moved to the land with the farm animals and now we have to collect money to build kennels. I know Madrid's a big place and most of you probably haven't the time or inclination to do this, but in case you can and will help, by asking your local bakery to save bread and then delivering it, or by contributing in any way, it would be wonderful. Parla is 20km south of Madrid centre http://tinyurl.com/q9b9df5 and it's a loevly association and they welcome visits and help of any sort. They rescue donkeys, horses, goats, sheep, chcikens, pigs as well as cats and dogs.  

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Can anyone recommend a reputable Westie breeder here in Madrid which I can trust  not only to sell me a pure-breed, but also one which is licensed and treats their pups well? Thanks 

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Has anyone heard of a golden retriever breeder in the Madrid area please?

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A friends rabbit is not looking to good, he's going to vets tonight. In the mean time we wondered can rabbits actually get a chill/cold type thing?

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