Dog trainer, animal shelter staff, horticulture and gardening, art

Posted by: Mhd Nouras-Shbika-969649 · 1599065063

Dear all,

I am Nouras, currently living in Malta. I am planning to move to Normandy (Calvados or not far from it) with my French partner (she is from Caen). I am Syrian but I have been living for 6 years in Malta. I am fluent in English. I am a self-employed dog trainer with high experience. As nature and plants are a real passion for me, I also have a horticulture diploma. Art is another passion, I paint and sculpt. I am looking for a job in these fields, and I can work as a dog trainer, dog and cat shelter staff, horticulture, gardening, organic farming, or something related to art. Please call me or send me an email if you are interested. I can send you my CV if needed.

Best regards

Mhd Nouras Shbika