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I have just heard about this group and I was planning to join but I have heard that they only run activities until May. Can anyone tell me if this is true?

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Hi. Just arrived to Malta. Does anyone know of a webiste where I can get a list of all the English speaking radio stations on air in Malta please? I know there are now quite a few on-air.Thanks

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Does anyone know of a regular English language pub quiz night in Valletta?

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I am i charge of planning a hen party for a good friend. Ideally it should last for an entire weekend and we will be in St Julians. Can anyone give me some original ideas? There are 6 of us and we are in our 30s.

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Can anyone tell me what if anything will be going on for St Patrick's day in St Julians please?

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Are there any groups or associations for UK expats in Malta that you know of?

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I am looking for a romantic spa package for my partner and I for tomorrow but I have left it a bit late. Can anyone recommend a place please?

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Hi everyone. I am starting to think about Valentine's Day. I am looking for somewhere romantic preferably with a nice view for me and my partner to dine in style. Any ideas for Valletta?

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