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I have been an Au pair in France for 2 year, profesional nanny in both France and Copenhagen. I have been a baby sitter since I was 13. I have experience with ages 0-15 both boys and Girls. I have been assistent to kids in wheelchairs and kids with downs. I am 28, and coming to Malta from Copenhagen Denmark to finish my master degree. I speak Danish, English, German, French, Norwegian and Swedish. I have looked after kids from Holland and Spain, and I can manage to communicate in those two languages as well. AS a person i am very positive and out going, I love sports and keep myself very active. I have an internet based company selling kid toys based on the ideologi of kids using their immagination and moterskills in playing prior to computers and tablets.  Let me know if you need me, I am open for evening jobs, study help after school and weekend work. 

started by: J Carter-10040193 · last update: 1456741278 · posted: 1454419609

Hi everyone!! Can you provide me with suggestions of stores selling best quality baby feeding products in Rabat? We need such products for our newborn. 

started by: Jeffery-10040340 · last update: 1456494581 · posted: 1456494581

Hello.. Where is stationary shop in Mgarr? I have to buy a school stationary kit for young kid.

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Hello. Do you know any baby sitting companies in Ghaxaq? I am looking for someone who provides first aid courses and police clearance.

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Does anyone know of salon Mellieha offering services specially for babies?

started by: Kirnika · last update: 1453207732 · posted: 1453207732

Hii all!! My close friend is now here in Malta and trying to place his 6 year old daughter in a good school. What  schools would you suggest preferably around Floriana?

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Do you guys know someone can help in organising a theme party for kids, outside our place in Floriana. Thanks in advance

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Does anyone know about any places in Mellieha offering Christmas craft making sessions or workshops for kids or families? Many thanks!!

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Hey everyone!! My sister-in-law and her kids visiting us during Christmas holidays. Any tips on places to visit, eat and shop around Valletta? Thank you in advance

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Hii!! Does anyone know where you can buy a Santa dress for baby boy in Gozo? 

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Hii guy!! I'll be in Valletta with my family on Christmas eve. Do you have suggestions for restaurants to eat on Christmas eve?

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Does anyone know of any parent and toddler groups in or around the area of Gozo?

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Hii...... I need to arrange a small treat for kids (8-10 kids). Is there any places in Sliema that offer birthday discounts?

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I am looking for a responsible, experienced babysitter who can take care of my kid during the day. Recommendations would be appreciated.

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Hello everyone,, I'm looking for some suggestions for good drawing classes (for children) in Gzira. Thanks!!

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Does anyone know about a place to buy pram mattress for baby?

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Hi All We are looking to move to Malta next year, however my biggest concern is the schooling system.  Are there any families who have recently moved to Malta and can recommend a particular school.  I have read past posts but nothing within the last 12 months.  How do you find the teaching standards etc compared to the UK, I have read it's very similar.  I have received a recent reply that San Andrea/San Anton are good schools.? thanks in advance - hope for some responses

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Can you give me some information about Diwali festival celebration in Malta? Also suggest places for a family celebration dinner in Sliema.

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I'm looking for a kids club for 6 years old. Any recommendations?

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Does anyone know about Halloween events or activities taking place around Mellieha? Must be suitable for families with kids,

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